Mucho gracias everyone !!

From the bottom of my little pitter pattering heart, THANK YOU to my loves for making my birthday week (yup, i get a whole week can you buhleeee dat??) absolutely amazing and SO much fun. I never plan anything for my birthday because it’s too much attention but every year I get spoiled rotten by the ones I love most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that wished me a happy birthday as well. Words cannot describe, luckiest broad alive!!!

started off the week with gettin wasted, turning a 10 min walk to the car into a 40 minute adventure (stops at Hmart, Japadog, Candy Aisle and McDonalds to eat didnt help) going to Sams house warming, falling asleep in Sam’s bed, waking up to my fav peeps singing me happy bday, waking up, high tea, shopping, night market, and just overall spending quality time with my loved ones!!

Because i come from a bomb ass family, my aunt graciously offered to host me a Mexican themed party that oddly enough turned into Chola/Thug party. We had tater tots, pin the tail on the donkey, purple drank, bun bo hue, cupcakes, a pinata, bingo and our signature Oreo cake. I have the cutest little cousins, love you kids!!

SO MUCH FUN!!!!! More bday photos to come…!! stay tuned:)

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