I can’t even comprehend the feelings I have right now… luck isn’t even the right word; I honestly still get blown away every time I’m at the receiving end of such generosity! Plain and simple, I am super fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life. I know I sound like a broken record-so lucky this, so lucky that. But I feel like I should put these people on blast because they are so incredible and too often we forget to acknowledge those closest to us. From the bottom of my heart-full tank of love, thank you to those yesterday-Cheebz, Anna, Tina, Nigs, Mars, Coll, B, Matt, P, Maja, Faja, Tiger, Kitty!!! And thank you to those that spoil me because I truly do not deserve it, but I WILL TAKE IT LOL. I am so grateful for each and everyone one of you. Vickyloves YOU!!!!

I’ve had a hello kitty cake for my birthday every year since I was about 16. But this one is the most memorable because I really thought the girls drew this up themselves haha. Cream Puff cake is the bomb diggity!!! We killed it, shocker.

I KNOW, SO BADASS RIGHT? i’ve wanted one since i was effing 18!! While I was showering, my taco loves-P and matt were outside in the dark trying to put together my bike. So there I was rushing my shower to hurry up and hang out with them only to have them disappear for more than a half hour on their “smoke break,” LOL. the jig was up when Cheebz told me to put on my coat, I protested, i was like oh halllle noes!! I really hate surprises but when I saw a glimpse of that baby pink beach cruiser skeleton I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!!! Not only was I in complete shock, I cried like a little bitch. Girls, thank you for this amazing gift. You have made the fat 8 year old girl in me more happier than you can ever imagine.

Thank you B for the Kooza tickets. You weren’t ignoring me after all. *kiss kiss!

Mucho Gracias Cheebz for putting a stop to my drooling.

Cake from my major fuuudy manager. She eats triple the amount i eat, and she’s half my size.

flowers from my co-worker. yay!!!

I’ve had such a wonderful birthday, from last night until right now i have been showered with so much love!! and it’s only 1pm LOL. There is still a whole bday weekend ahead, lots more to come. Anyways off to enjoy the company of my loves. see you guys next week. have a wonderful loooong weekend. xoxo.

3 thoughts on “EEES MY BUUURDAY.

  1. It was your b-day? Like I knew when it was haha. Well Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome b-day! Too bad I couldn’t say it in person😦 haha.

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