VFW Day 3 recap!

Hi beautiful, good morning! Happy Monday, yayer… NOT. I’m effing eggshausted today, to the point where i’m struggling to keep my head from falling flat on to my keyboard and going BAP! But because I love you, I’m going to bang out one more fashion night recap so we can end this m’f’m series :) Friday was night 3 of shows and my last night for coverage (I was gone for a weekend bender trip lol). It seemed like the shows got better as the days progressed, night 3 was awesome possum.

Here are my picks:

I am a total fan of Well Groomed. Models were out bangin ill head gear and crazy bright dresses. Look at those tribal collar necklaces, i was in total heaven. Btw, all pro photos below are courtesy of VFW.

Seriously me and those head pieces are meant to be! During the show i kept thinking of ways to do a DIY version. The only thing I could come up with was hot glue gun beads to my head. I’ll have to give it some more thought..

The dresses above by AngelEye have already been done before but i still thought they were kind of cute. Look at thow short that first black and white mod dress is. Coochie heaven, i love!

Then my phone died (FAIL). So you’ll just have to check out the VFW website for more pics. Since it was my last night of coverage, i didnt know what i should wear.. but then i put together an outfit (to many peoples’ horror) that I felt described me very well. I’m a bit of everything so I always hate to say “this is so me,” bc the definition of me is everything i love under the sun. With that being said, Friday night’s outfit was SO me that hour.

My description (I used on Instagram, but you should already know bc you’re following me at Veeezyloves) was “So…this is what I wore to #vancouverfashionweek night 3! It’s a hybrid of all my personalities: girly tomboy goes to the botanical garden in Brooklyn. @hmcanada #floralpants, @joefresh #beanie #jordans #varsityjacket #outfit aka ME!”

I was trying to make a fro outta my huur, my attempt came out half ass but i still loved it.

Big huuur, dont cuuur. My social media outlets all week have been so self absorbed, and I apologize! Van Fashion Week is officially over so we’ll be back to our regular programmed scheduling in no time, I promise. I have a great weekend recap to share with you guys!! yay! But before I say goodbye to my first VFW, I wanted to thank Vancitybuzz for sending me as their media correspondent and also a big thank you to VFW for having me there. It was so nice to make new friends, and attend all of these great events, i had a blast and can’t wait to do it again 360 days from now. That’s how much time i’ll need to rest. Week of events/shows plus a weekend trip full of eating/partying equals an autopilot Veeezy at the moment. Can we just snuggle in silence while you whisper sweet nothings into my ear? thank you, boo.