Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST (Pt. 2)

When i’ve gained a few and a button has popped, or have stained my favorite blouse (FML) – the most constant and reassuring outfit feature are my shoes! Whether it be my beloved Jordans, or some badass fuck me pumps, there’s really no bad day to go shoe shopping…especially virtual shoe shopping. Hi friends!

Zara‘s shoe game has been so proper the last few months their designer must be getting some on the regular. I love everything!


Studded Ankle Boot / Leopard slippers – I think everyone needs a pair of these.


Dont know what it is about studs but they make me so happy. Studded cap toe boots / Lepard print sandals / Ankle strap sandals / Ankle strap pumps

TOPSHOP has wall after wall, after wall of complete shoe heaven. It’s like stacked porn on each display. topshop3

The perfect pair of simple black boots!! Bazaar mid heel boots /  I dont like these ones I picked so ignore the second pair.

topshop1Gabbi Metal cap toe pumps / Crystal covered bow pumps (eeeeh!!) / Bow t-bar shoes / August Hiker boots - I think I’m long overdue for some lesbian boots.


Pin stud pointed boots / Chelsea point boots / Ava side zip western boots

Shoes are fun no?  Great for strutting away, great for prancing around the city like Carrie from Sex and the City. But most importantly, great for boosting morale when your day is a little grey, or your mood is a little sour. When I grow up I want a place to call home my shoe closet..

Khloe_Kardashian_shoe_closet Mariah_Carey_-_Shoe_Closet shoe closet 1

JUST KIDDING. Just build me a really big fridge. Happy Tuesday, doll faces!!

TOPSHOP = Shoe Heaven

Seriously, is it just me or does the shoe section at the new Vancouver Topshop make you want to froth at the mouth? I finally got to check out the store this weekend and as big as it was (AND BUSY) I couldn’t find anything that stood out, like whoa. But the shoes, yeah the shoes were killer.

My picks:

I must’ve picked up the studded boots a hundreds times before leaving the store. So in lust! The ankle strapped pumps with the blacked out toe part was also tugging at my heart.

I’m in need of new combat boots, mine are on its last leg of life! These Topshop ones are super kawaii and of course, another pair of toed booties… :) Most of these shoes retail for $100-$130 which isn’t bad.. just sad if you want all 4 equally.

Ok so I lied, i did find 2 dresses I thought were kinda cute.

White plunging neck line dress/ Sequin galore dress <—I VAAAANT.

Did any of you go? What did you buy? tell me! I did manage to find a few items.. post to  come :)

Happy Monday Funday, veeezylovers xo.




Need your help, please. Must find a dress for a wedding! Things to consider – October wedding in Seattle, to be worn with date in navy suit, I want to be able to eat and drink (conceal food baby), my lady curves and humps..and most importantly, I want to look pretty! Now which one?

ASOS skater dress. I think this is IT. but I can’t be sure because i have tourettes. Help, please.

ASOS Bow waist dress

SOS Lipsy sequin peplum

ASOS Dolly dress in Baroque print

TOPSHOP red mesh low v dress / TOPSHOP sequin ballerina dress - love the sequin and princess poof dress.. but i might look 12 instead of 21 (plus 4)

Alice + Olivia long sleeve goddess dress – Cute but maybe not for a wedding…

ZARA Studio dress w/ leather / ZARA lace dress w/ feathers – the first one is really trendy, and beautiful. The second has feathers, seriously.. who doesn’t love feathers?

ASOS mini dress / ASOS Darling Amelia lace dress - red is never a bad color choice!!

So..what will it be folks? Lace, color, tight? Or maybe i’ll end up with my regular go to outfit. Garbage bag w/ arm holes…..

Who needs shelter when you’re drippin’ in Mulberry?

Okay so maybe you do need shelter but I feel a cold coming on and the first thing I did was blame my no good for nothing can’t keep me warm on a Vancouver night jacket. Which eventually led me to do some research (and painful window cyber shopping).

Acne does this really awkward thing of making me want to buy everything they put out. It’s very awkward for me, the depleting wallet and the sales lady that can’t get me out of the change room. Sigh. I know this sounds horrible and I’ll probably go to closet hell when I say this but sometimes when I see a jacket I love so much.. I’d be willing to sacrifice everything in my closet for it. Every single piece I would give up, just like that. Ask me about my first born, I’ll probably offer that up too.

Anyways, enough noise.. here we go with Veeezy’s WANT LIST:

Acne Lizard embossed leather jacket / Acne Oversized shearling jacket This is the 1 I’m willing to empty my closets and morals for. $2300.00, no big deal.

Acne Rita leather jacket / Same shearling jacket as above (in black)

OK, I’m over it. Totally utterally over it… but like, if you can’t get me those, can you get me these?

Helmut Lang Willow sleeve felt coat Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH. Literally my loins are about to burst, this jacket is so beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing on this. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted / All Saints Rixey leather bomber / Sandro contrast jacket I’ve been eyeing this baby since forever. Can you just imagine that. all. up. in. your. face. SIGH.

Attention all: I am retiring my Joe Fresh army jacket. I wore it to fashion week and pretty much everywhere else. The buttons are all gone, the color has faded and the smell has gotten this sourness to it i can’t put my finger on (its not me, i swear). It’s been a great 2 year run, now time for a new go to jacket..

Topshop Army jacket / Sheinside drape collar coat. I think the second option would look cuter on me bc of the illusion of a waist thanks to the mid body drawstring. But the half sleeves? meh. Which do you like? Fall/Autum jacket at best.

I’m a naturally cold person so maybe this year I can get with the heavy duty team..bombers! The bigger, and shinier, the better.

Mulberry quilted bomber / Moncler Grenoble “Altes” jacket. My skin was made for lamb and Mulberry but apparently by bank account wants me in cotton and polyester. Oh the horror! All jokes aside, i love this type of gotti shit. Shiny, in your face and very va va voom. I want, I want, I want.. NOW.  

Is it too early to call in favors from Santa?

Peplum Power!

Not gon’ lie, when I first saw peplum i was like, uggh, how tacky. Then it grew on me and  when i finally tried it on – it was flattering! Hit my bod in all the right places (holla). I think my resistance came from the fact it reminded me of 80s fashion, those tutu dresses with the fluff coming out at the waist. But here I am eating my words, peplum is the shizzz!

I dont have a waist, I’m kind of built like a trucker so the overskirt mid way is perfect in creating an illusion of a waist. Yes, it’s visual trickery but oh fuckin’ well I’m into it.

Doesn’t hurt the coral color is quite divine on my TOPSHOP dress huh? This was at my cousin’s wedding last week (more to come later). It was comfy, stretchy, and very forgiving for the buffet dinner lol. Buy yours here, or here.

And of course I’ve handpicked my top peplum dresses for you…

To see where you can scoop these beautiful dresses (and the rest of my picks), head on over to your friendly neighborhood spot of whats crack-a-lackin’ in Vancouver at Vancitybuzz!

Happy Monday, go fuck shit up.