Seattle weekend!

Not gon’ lie.. it’s kind of poopy to be back after a weekend of celebrating love, stuffing my face, and meeting some amazing, amazing people from all over! From Toronto, to New Jersey.. there were so many sweet individuals that made this trip so memorable, thus making the return home that tragic! Know what else is tragic? I wore a total of 7 outfits this past weekend and didnt take a pic of any lol. I hate me too.

B scooped me up on Friday with goodies (because he is that type of awesomeness) and we were officially enroute to Seattle and in vacay mode holla!!

One gas stop, and one Nacho Libre movie later, we were in Seattle. First stop, UH OBVI – Crawfish King!

Dinner for 5 was no joke! Got to share my Seattle fav with some newbies and it was a total hit. I tapped out early though, but not before i murk’d that caaawrn.

The rest of the evening was spent back at our hotel, The Arctic Club, meeting B’s out of town fams/friends (all 20 of them!).

The lounge was dark, old school heritage-ish type of steeze, I was def into it. The guys drank their faces off while I stepped up for the women’s team and had my 1 vodka soda lol.  Fun night that ended only when the bar closed! Trust me, i was buzzin and ready for some zzzz’s.

Our hotel room (taken in the AM for better lighting)

High ceilings and very old school features, felt like I was in an old movie!

I wore every pair, thats how tight my outfit game was! Kind of choked i didnt document it, damn.

After frolicking in the AM (aka a coffee run for B who was nursing a sweet hangover, thats right.. gf of the year award goes to me) it was fam brunch time at Ivar’s and of course… your girl had the food of her people’s.. fish tacos!

It rained for most of the day but we still managed to walk the city and hit up Target, my fav! We finally made it back to our telly for some rest and rompin’ before the wedding.

Zara Asymmetric dress / the feather/lace one never arrived at the store so I settled for this bad boy. I gotta admit, this dress and I were meant to be. It was comfy, and sit snuck at all the right places with the perfect amount of one shoulder flow. I felt like I was J. Lo with that huuur do as well. It just worked!

The gents! Their sock game was all the way turnt up, it was adorable!

Open bar = time to play! Some of the ladies and I. I miss them already!

The lovely Cat and I.

The actual wedding/dinner was held upstairs in the ballroom…

talk about fancy, right?

The bride and groom, Felice and Peter, gettin their 2 step on.

I love personalized name tags, so m’f’n official.

Ate myself into a coma! After dinner the open bar re-opened and the rest was a total fun blur. And of course in true Veeezy fashion, I disappeared for an hour and took a fat ass nap in our hotel room hahaha! Woke up, headed back to the wedding and drank all the way to last call. What a fun night.. so glad I could be a part of it!

The next morning was bitter sweet, it was the last brunch before everyone headed off to their next destination or home. Good thing the food was bomb dot com, made eating my feelings that much more bearable. Seafood heaven = Salty’s on Alki

seafood galore / biscuits x gravy / caramel and chocolate fountain. I die!!! What an epic meal, not so much for those suffering from the night before but seriously, I felt like a champ :)

After the final hugs for the cousins, aunts and uncles we were headed home *tear. I can’t really find more words for awesome and amazing, but meeting folks that feel like life long friends isnt easy to put into words. When you meet good people, you just know. Seriously, I’m such a lucky mofo. Until next time fam jam!!! So like, what did you do last weekend?

Portland trip recap!

Hi babies, Veeezy’s home! Last Friday I left the city early to celebrate B’s birthday <– some soft shizzz right there, but don’t get it twisted… i aint soft lol. It’s a 6 hour ride to Portland so you already know we had to make a stop in Seattle to grab a bite at (my new favorite spot.. like ever) PASEO!

You must get the #2- Carribean Roast, pork shoulder coated in Paseo marinade and slow roasted until falling into succulemt morsels. One of the best things i’ve ever let into my mouth, i was immediately craving it again a few hours later.

After fueling up on Paseo (and chips at the gas station), we got into Portland and checked into The Nines (you might’ve seen my eggcited tweet here). The place was so nice, I totally felt like I was on Gossip Girl! They opened my door and of course I dropped my phone while stepping out and was all like “DONT WORRY I GOT IT” like a real east van G. Don’t touch my shit!! lol

Or you might’ve seen the alternate photo I IG’d below…

It was all so pretty and personalized. They even had birthday chocolates for B which I gladly ate and pretended it was my birthday.

We washed up and by that time it was past midnight, maybe even 1. Didn’t matter bc I was hungry and my face full of day old make up was not going to waste! Time for … FOOD TRUCKS.

Def loved the fact that they were all open late and the variety is so insane. Thai iced  tea, of course B got vietnamese food (my mom would be so ashamed), and obviously I got the food of my pepples, steak burrito! SO bomb. I couldn’t finish it but i think about it every day still (sad face). We walked around a bit more and I was actually shocked to see so many homeless folks.. and not to mention bakery boys. It felt like Davie Street.

The next morning we woke up at the crack of 10am and got started with our day.

Looking down from our floor.

Beautiful Portland day. Our hotel had a few weddings and the men’s Washington soccer team was staying there too! I only looked, didn’t touch or talk…

First state of business – PINESTATE BISCUITS

Saw this spot on Triple D a while back and never forgot about it. Uh, biscuits smothered in country gravy? seriously.. if i came back as food, it would be a biscuit drowning in gravy.

It did not disappoint.. Arnold Palmer, my fav (iced tea x lemonade), potato hash with flank steak and cheese, fresh biscuits in country gravy, and the Reggie biscuit (fried chicken with bacon and cheese). B tapped out early but it was alright bc I ATE HIS TOO. My favorite stop during our whole trip.

The rest of the day was spent shopping, lots of walking and nothing to buy! Okay i lied, i did find this bag:

Gucci Canvas boston bag, $1295. It was $1294 dollars than I wanted to spend so I just admired from afar and kept walking.

Aside from the mainstream shops, downtown Portland had an open market area with all sorts of entertainment, shopping, and of

Mid day snack – pho

Thank goodness our hotel was right in  downtown, after hours of shopping we stopped back into our telly for a mid day snack (again) and nap.

The lounge had unlimited food and booze. Cray right?

Enjoying the wifi, and waiting in the lounge while our room was being serviced.

After a much needed nap, we set out to what I was waiting for the whole day..southern dinner at SCREEN DOOR.

Cornbread / gumbo (meh to both)

My lovely dining partner

Fried chicken x collard greens x mashed potatoes for me (shocking right?) / Beef brisket, potato salad and green beans for B. Mmmm so bomb!! I doggy bagged some of the fried chicken and had it for breakfast in bed the next AM. Southern life, love it.

After dinner we went back to the telly to PTFO.

Obvi I had to sneak out to get some treats from the lounge hehe.

Woke up the next morning and got back to roaming the city. I really love vacations, you wake up any time and just do whatever you want. No agenda, no sense of urgency, besides listening to your tummy. Found this gem that I saw on Eat Street and always wanted to try- BRUNCH BOX

Grilled cheese x grilled cheese with a bag of chips and a can of pop, seriously all of life’s combo should always come with chips and soda! Very filling and would def recommend sharing it. After the heart attack of a sandwich, we strolled through the city again and went all over. Including yaletown like neighborhoods, to east van slums.. needless to say we were on the wrong side of the tracks for a bit lol.


Shop shop shop, play play play.. finally back to the telly for our nap hehe. We were going to go out for dinner but seeing as they had a fancy restaurant downstairs, we decided to eat there instead (even though i wanted pasta and rice!!). Dark dinner = no photos. The next morning was our  final day in Portland :(

One more stop before departing – VOODOO DOUGHNUTS!

I felt like I was at Kwik-E-Mart.

What love in a box looks like…sigh.

Chocolate icing oreo with peanut butter,  HEAVEN.

The rest of the day was spent shopping in Portland, a Crawfish King stop in Seattle, and finally PHO when we reached homebase in Vancouver. What a fun trip!! I love vacations, even if they’re mini like this. The thought of not having the day planned and just enjoying your time with someone is such a nice change from my usual loaded agenda. It was 4 days of a blank agenda, no idea of what to do but simply have fun.

Portland was so good to us, from the people to the food – everything and everyone was so kind and sweet!! People were courteous, kind, and just plain nice. They say everywhere you go, you will meet people that you are meant to meet. Needless to say, I have nothing but love for Portland. Great people, and great food! Thanks to B for such an awesome weekend, sad to be home but eggcited for my next trip. Anyways, have a great Tuesday everyone, don’t forget to hug and kiss lots!!! (I did manage to buy a few things but that will be a later post). XO.

Babes & booze at Lake Chelan

Sorry that’s not very tasteful of a title now is it? You can take the girl out of East Van but you can’t take East Van outta the girl :)

If you’re following me on twitter you already know where I was last week, Lake Chelan. And just like Veeezy luck, a quiet vacation at the lake somehow had us ending up next to these neighbors. As I always say, Veeezy stay NGUYEN-ing! lol

I love my team!

The home was HUGE, right on the water with our own private dock to jump off of. Our other neighbors in the yellow home never called the cops (thank you!)

How we stay right and tight:

people with boats, become friends with boats.

Borrowing some brown sugar from our neighbors / Nana planking

Quiet girls weekend House party / the epitome of summer / the block is hot

I’m about that day time faded life !!!

And just in case you missed it, a group Instagame photo here. 19 girls deep!!!

The happiest place on earth was sitting on that dock eating ice cream.

It was literally days of eating, sleeping, sippin on that gin & juice, and just straight chillin. Delicious food, amazing company, inspiring biz talk, great vibes = TOML (Time of my life). What a great way to kick off the new season. Summer, I see you! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Stay healthy, stay wealthy!

May Day

Happy Tuesday sweet peas! Can you believe this shit is already May? Cot dayum holy Gina! I love May, it’s like a pre-funk into summer, def can’t be mad at that. As promised, a short post on my shopping haul from this past weekend’s trip to Seattle. I didn’t buy much, but what I got you might like so we can sharesies ok?

Neon is like, so my favorite right now. Old Navy Women’s Faux-Patent Leather Narrow Belts $14.95 (buy here). I got both for $9.

Forever 21 striped mesh yolk dress $9.50 (buy here) / H&M Houndsooth dress $18  (similar ones here).

The first dress is so going to be my Vegas uniform, I can already see all the trouble its going to get into. The second dress will be the one I wear the next morning to church to confess all the sins from the night before. Praise Allah!!! lol

Forever 21 Striped nautical shorts $15.80 (buy here). These shorts are so comfy and actually flattering, love them.

Finally got to pick up my IVs and grabbed Ray ‘s AF1 Camos as well.

Pretty sick huh? I think they were released at Dipt on Saturday, peep here.

And finally some gifted items:

Girl guide cookies hehe / tees from Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) in Seattle. Thanks to the homie Viet for hookin me up!

I saved the best for last though…

HELLO KITTY skateboard (buy here). I know, so effin’ legit right? I dont skateboard, but now I might just have to. So friggin’ amazeballs.

Ok. that was all. Are you having a good Tuesday so far? I’m so hungry. My Vegas diet started as of this morning. No more chips, pop, candy, and red meat. Wish a sista luck!

Dear Food Diary…

Good morning, gorgeous! Did you have a good weekend? Did you learn something new? Stimulate your brain? Talk about important matters? Make a difference? I sure hope so, because someone had to. You know why? Because all weekend I was faded, faded, faded! Kidding. I spent an awesome weekend with my girls aka the GGB (good girls club, formerly known as the bad girls club). 2 days to eat, sleep, play in Seattle with them is never enough. But like I always say, count yourself blessed if the people you love are only a car ride or plane ride away. I’m blessed! We ate, played, shopped, and talked about love, life, god, and leading by eggsample. It’s one thing to connect with someone on a social level, and another on a life level, i love it (I’m about to drop some knowledge so watch yoself lol)

As much as we want to do good and well by others, words are the cheapest form of currency. They’re kind of like an IOU, good on paper but without action, its still just words. We often read, listen, learn and want to do better, our hearts are in it but how often do we take the necessary steps to do so? How many times have you actually taken the things you’ve learned or want to teach and followed through? You say you want better but better starts with doing. Practise what you preach, better yet.. dont preach. Just practise and lead by eggsample. Do well, and others will follow if they want to. The best way to live your life is to do what others don’t, so you will have what others don’t. Ya feel me?

Ok back to our regular programming! weekend recap: Friday off started off a little something like this…

Some fish and chips action at The Lobby (at the Pinnacle Hotel). Mmm, amazeballin’ service. Friday barely felt like a work day, had meetings, lunches and cake to get into so it was like a freebie day, yay! After the final weekday grind, I packed up my shit and headed to Seattle.

This is what greeted me when I arrived. It’s called Butter, think hot pot but with.. BUTTA. Load that skillet with butter and cook up anything your heart desires. Thats Molly in the bottom corner photo, good thing we were full or else she would’ve ended up on there. So bomb!

After knocking out 10 hours (Hey, i had a long week!). The girls and I headed to the best thing next to Boiling Crab, Crawfish King! So i spoke to the girl there and apparently they are of no affiliation to the Cali’s BC.. they jacked the concept. *waving finger with hand on hip.

Of course we stuffed ourselves silly. I love eating myself into a coma. Thats what crack must feel like! Eggcept the outcome of this lands right on my hips, sad face.

After a loaded meal we had to walk it off, so we headed on over to Oasis to get bubble tea then roamed downtown Seattle for the rest of the day.

Firsts this trip: Honey lemon green tea with MANGO pudding, the fuck! and flavored double stuffed oreos. Get it!

Theres a better version (I used a filter) of the photo above if you cared enough to follow me on my Instagame (Veeezyloves, dont be shy boo) 

Just looky, no touchy. I’ll do a shopping haul post this week. I didn’t buy much but i think you’ll like what I got hehe.

After walking around for a few hours the inevitable happened..WE. GOT. HUNGRY. Spring Garden was the perfect spot.

We ate, don’ and gon’ caught da itis. So we did what any person would do… Rented a scary movie and went home to watch it. Girls cuddle fest, YOM. Eventually we had to get up and get ready for a night out, MEOW! The girls always make a it a point to do something when I’m there but truth be told, I could just eat and hang out all day with them.. bonding at its finest. Doesn’t really matter though bc we be the tightest errrywhere we go :)

faded..faded..faded lol. You be the judge.

You should already know by now that the only time I take these pants off is when….NEVER! love of my life. LOML. With my favs @Corrine and @Jenne. I always feel so loved…no really, heres proof.

Night was good, no pictures usually mean we were up to no good! just kidding. well kind of. Great evening, but the best part of it was getting Jack in the Crack wedge fries with sour cream (Corrine taught me)

@Nia’s hello kitty toaster that imprints the hk outline on to toast. I die, i die i tell you / Did you know Jack in the Crack has EGG ROLLS? We rolled up to the drive through window after the club and Jenne kept yelling “EGG RAWWWL” and i thought she was being silly but apparently egg rolls can be ordered and they are GOOD. But damn.. those wedge fries.

Next morning, woke up and just hung out for a chunk of the day. Girl time x pjs x homemade breakfast = me not wanting to leave. Thank you to my WA fams for such an awesome weekend, i love you girls!

Before I  could head home I went to meet up with the homie @Viet to pick up some shoes and grab some food. Its been a min, my bad! I got to pick a spot so i did it up one more time..CRAWFISH KING TIME.

Crawfish / shrimp / catfish / eggstra corn, sausages, and poh-tay-toes.

I was really proud of my corn sauce game.

Got surprised with dessert from Hello, Cupcake. Thanks Viet!

Overall, bombass weekend full of what else? EATING! I swear if eating were an olympic sport i’d be donnin’ the gold medal all effin year. Okay food post over, come visit me tomorrow and i’ll show you some more veeezylife loving. Until then, bye pumpkin pie!

Btw it’s Monday.. which means my weekly fashion article is up on Vancitybuzz, check it here. One of my fav pieces i’ve written so far. I’m slowly incorporating my vibe and voice onto VcB and it’s been such a great learning curve, eggpressing myself through different channels yet keeping real to myself. Love the challenge!

Make happy.. be happy. Now go on with yo bad self, have a great Monday. HUGS AND KISSES, the full on body grasp and lip pucker noise, yeah.

Sleepless in Seattle, xoxo.

Good afternoon pumpkin pies! I started this post early in the AM but I am hella struggling to get this ish sorted, sorry boo faces. Anyways just a picture heavy weekend recap of Seattle. It was everything I had hoped for, we ate, we saw, we shopped and we partied. Like a bag of dreams, it was perfect.

Jenn / Nigs / Janet / Tina

We started off at duty free and I couldn’t believe my eyes when  I saw MCM on the shelves. I asked the sales lady what the deal was and she said they were going to stop carrying it because no one knew the brand. It was pretty ineggspensive for new bags too! I’m thinking of heading back in a bit to pick up a bag if it’s still on my mind.

This messenger and wallet is what I might go back for. You already know I’m not a huge bag person, I love bags don’t get it twisted but I wore the free Aritiza tote for 3 years and then moved on to the hand me down Tokidoki bag now. I rarely switch it up, I don’t know why… i always look so poor. If i’m gon spend some money on a bag best believe it wont be on a marc bag or the same gucci tote everyone and their dog has, if youre gon spend your hard earned dollars why look like everyone else?

Anyways fast foward a few hours and a stop or 2 later, we arrived at Cheesecake Factory to get our murkin’ on. It was a sight for the gods, 5 chicks gettin down like theyve never seen food before.

Pad Thai pasta / da vinci pasta

You aleady know I had to have the fried mac & cheese balls, the girls loved it too! / fried avocado rolls

Nigs’ favorite arugula pesto spaghetti chicken thing / chicken and biscuits for meee!

I’m not a fan of cheesecake but red velvet anything always makes me happy. Just looking at this makes me want to weep. I should’ve had the last bite of ice cream damn it.

We got to our hotel which wasnt too far from Pike Market and the day couldn’t have been more gorgeous.

We did lots of walking/shopping and just soaked the day in. In our quest to find a liquor store, we found this little gem that sold all sorts of wines, apple sake? oh hello there.

Right when we finished buying that wine, we saw the liquor store across the street. FAIL lol. That same night we met up with my Seattle loves and got shit crackin! I’ll leave the deets out to save face, but the girls picked us up, headed to Munchbar and we had a ball of a night!

Janet and I. shes so cute.

Nigs / Janet / V-Pain

Its always so good to see my Seattle girls, feels like home when I’m with them. Miss you crazy birds already :( And it was a night worth celebrating too, my American dimes meeting my Canadian loves.. one for the books i tell ya. I haven’t had that much to drink in forever. Lets just say apple sake tastes better going down than coming back up!! Thanks to all the girls for their hospitality and to all the fellas that showed us love (teehee)

The next morning, sticking to true Veeezy fashion after a night of drinking- I was up and at it ready to get the day started. It was another stunner of a day, a bit cold but nonetheless we were out cheesin.

My melon head making a cameo. We had huge plans.. to EAT.

First stop, chowdddah at Pike Place Chowder. Apparently the best in the city. We got there just in time before they opened, the line was for daaays. Ok I lied, it was bout 20 deep.

The original was the best, and that soggy bread after was so friggin good. Thank goodness we got sampler sized portions for all the other flavors. It was even nice enough to sit outside, and luckily for us we had live entertainment. Accordian for the win.

puppy pie, so adorbs.

Another spot Tina found for us to get our grub on was this famous cheese store, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. They were making cheese in house and it was busy like a mother effer! Of course we had to have the mac & cheese.

They should add poutine to their menu, if only you Americans knew about that! We spent a lot of time browsing the markets ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the gorgeous flowers. It seemed like everyone had a bouquet of flowes in their hands. Say what you want, but even a rude boy like me appreciates beautiful flowers.

Stopping to smell the lovely flowers. I haven’t gotten any flowers in awhile.. hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink, elbow elbow, kick kick, tap tap. Just sayin.

my ride or die mama

We were waiting at the light and I snapped this perfect photo of the couple across the street. I really wish I asked them for their contact info so I could send it. This happened once when i took a great photo of an old couple sitting on a bench over looking Deer lake Park. I totally regretted not being able to send them the flick!! I promised myself if I ever captured a beautiful moment like that again I would make sure I send the subjects the photo. SMH! Strike 2, sorry. Shes holding flowers while hes kissing her. So cute!

After a bit more shopping/eating/walking, we went to meet up with the seattle girls for CRAWFISH KING! Okay i am officially pissed i didnt find out about this spot sooner, its almost EGGSACTLY like Boiling Crab (<– my TRUE LOVE) from California. Think about all the money I could’ve saved on flights to Cali.

It was like Christmas, your birthday, your mom’s birthday and my birthday all rolled into one beautiful meal. I can’t wait to go back!!! Nigs and I were in total heaven.. we were in Cali a few summers ago and Boiling Crab was all we ever ate lol.

We did a bit more shopping after and hurried on home as we were all quite eggshausted. Overall it was a great trip with my girls, minus the late night grumpy drivng lol. Sigh, can’t wait to do it again! Anyways, I’m going to be a total asshole and save my purchases for another post hehe. You’re gon flip at all the good deals I got. Until then, have a beautiful day. Stay blessed my friends xoxo.


Oh gosh sorry, I’m so rude.. i didnt even ask you about your weekend. Well, how was it? what did you do? Hope you weren’t well behaved, because you know what they say about well behaved women right? they seldomly make history. ;)