Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST (Pt. 3)

I hate cats, but I love me me some HELLO KITTY! Doobie sent me the image below last week and I almost crapped myself.


It’s stuff like this that makes me want to work hard so  I can blow my money in the most ignorant ways!! just kidding, but not really. So for my 3rd installment of Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST – we’re gettin wishfull with all things harrrro kitty.

hello kitty 1

Salt and Pepper shakers / Waffle maker (!!!) So amazeballs, mini hello kitty waffle/pancake faces.hello kitty 2

Mini cake mold / Water dispenser – Water just tastes better when it’s been purified by the kitty herself.

hello kitty 3

Sewing machine  – for all the sewing I dont do!

Don’t you just LOVE it ???? Tell me you do, tell me you friggin love it or i’ll claw your face off. Kidding! Hello Kitty does not tolerate violence. Anyways, these are great gift ideas for your sweet little sister, cousin, or even 25 year old friend with a severe case of Kittism. Happy Monday!

Veeezy update!

Hi, how are you today? Great, I hope! Did you have a good week? What were some of the highlights? some of the low lights? I like to ask myself that once in awhile (mid day, end of day, any time really), just to bring my head back together and regroup for the next moment. Its a great way to wash away any bad moments of your day and rejuvenate yourself with the good ones.

It’s been a busy week, but a great one at that. They say don’t mix business and pleasure, but BUSINESS IS MY PLEASURE. You really gotta do what you love, and love what you do – and if you’re able to do that, then consider yourself lucky. I’m still trying to find that myself but I feel like I’m taking the necessary steps to get there. Are you?


Some stuff going on as of late – If you read my Vancitybuzz article, then you already know Forever21 and Sanrio released their Hello Kitty Forever collab today!! !?@#$%& ERMAHGAWD.

My picks –

Print leggings / Scarf / Cardigan / Onch Movement splatter necklace

Onch Movement charm bracelet / Travel bag / Make up bag / Print pillow – For the full online shop, peep here. I WANT IT ALL.


For those wondering how my fashion seminar w/ Splendid for Pacific Centre’s I AM DOWNTOWN Event went, it was fun!

It was a  bit surreal to see my name on permanent ink but it was kind of nice (I’m lying, iI totally geeked out hehe). The girls at Splendid were amazing and I’m so glad I did it. Full details of the event can be found here. _____________________________________________________________________

And last but def not least, the ladies and I at Honeydrip are working on hard on our latest drops! We showed everyone a preview the other day, in case you missed it – here it is:

Ankle bangle/cuff – It’s kind of really hot.

It’s actually a multi-purpose bangle as you can see, but style it any way and it’d still be dope! We’ve already gotten folks asking for theirs to be put on hold – limited quantity so make you don’t sleep on these. They drop next week so stay tuned!

I just read today’s Honeydrip post by Doobs, and burst out laughing. You can’t knock a pretty girl with a killer humor. Love my team! But def peep the post if you’re into vampires, or into cool shit, period.

Dum dum do day! Can’t believe the weekend is here already, that shit cray, bro… forserious. I’m just eggcited to chill and do some work. Gon’ make biscuits, country gravy with fried chicken, bacon and egg tonight, wish me luck! Have a great weekend, boo faces. xo. 

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Weekend of good lovin’.

Happy Monday you ridiculously good looking doll face, you! I’m just in a good mood today because I had one of the best weekends ever. Started it off a little early on Thursday with some cherry blossom frolicking and then met up with Nana and crew for red velvet cake, korean bbq and facials.

I laugh every time i see that photo of nana and i with our killer masks on. Seriously, who wouldnt want to hit that? holla!

As you probably noticed from my tweet, my cousin Christine is back from Korea and we just got it in this weekend, just like the good ol’ times. So good to have my party partner back!! Friday was a beautiful day, got to meet the fams for lunch and discuss business and hello kitty (always winning!).

I love my new ring from @CDang, how adorbs is this? Bow ties are like what hearts are to love for me.

Later on in the night we hit up Fortune for a friend’s birthday. Met a lot of very sweet people! I swear the degree of separation just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Good night indeed!

The next morning I had to see the dentist, as mentioned here (I swear you should just be following me by now). I had to get a filling done and for some reason the 3 shots to freeze my face took 6 hours to wear off. Needless to say I passed the eff out when I got home. But now I know what my face will look like when I get work done, kind of looked like the left side of my face was having a hard time catching up with the right side.

Anyways got up, got ready to meet up with Christine, Sharon and Joe. This night turned out to be epic (I mean, how could it not? Good company is key!). We hit up Red Room to see this  guy.

I didn’t know who he was but apparently he’s an Irish Trance legend like it says on the poster haha. All that unce unce sounds the same to me. Crowd was young, like underaged young. I went to the bathroom and overheard a group of children saying “omg we almost got caught.” All good though, kids are the ones with the best drugs! .. kidding.

We did the unce unce for a bit and then headed over to Shine and this is where the magic happened. The music was..AMAZING, and you know I never say shit like that lol. it just felt like Tokyo Lounge circa 2007, it was hit after hit after hit. We were just smiling, laughing and dancing because we were so happy. The homies were just killin it! ran into friends I haven’t seen in awhile so it was nice to chop it up with the fams. We went back and forth from Red Room, from hardcore house unce unce to old school hip hop, eggstremely opposite music genres for an EGGSTREME night. Best night ever :) I didn’t want it to end,  haven’t had one of those nights since Toronto.. of last year.

The next morning Tiger and I were struggling getting up from my warm bed but I had an offer of pancakes and whipped cream i couldn’t  refuse. Had an awesome 4 hour late breakfast / lunch. It’s crazy how you meet people throughout your life, and even though many of those relationships stay dormant, sometimes you rediscover a new friend in an old friend.

After lunch, i met up with Christine again (3 days in a row, lucky me!) we went to her friend’s bbq and of course I man’d the grill like a real OG.

view from the top.

After the bbq I went to meet up with the crew for what i can only call as a very intense game of haterockey.  I won’t speak on that, Canucks are winning with 4 straight, I feel it!

But with the loss weighing heavy on our minds, I did what i only knew how..I ATE my feelings.

Did you have a good weekend? what did you do? I hope there was some eating and flirting involved.. thats what I call The Happy Girl Diet. Don’t front, I know you’re on it hehe. Okay thats all  folks, sorry about the late post. I was busy putting together an awesome article for

If you haven’t checked it out already, please do so and spread the love babycakes. Have a great rest of the day! Thank you for visiting me today, I really appreciate the love.. I couldn’t ask for a better you. xo.

“Hello Pretty” Collection at Sephora

Everyone’s favorite pussy is back at it again! Hello Kitty and Sephora have teamed up for another collection, this summer they’re releasing “Hello Pretty.” I’ve liked the other releases but this one I really like because there are so many more bows! And they even have a ring. All the past collections have had a lot of make up bags, brushes, eyeshadows etc, all of which i dont use much of. But this time around they’ve incorporated more Veeezy friendly items. 

Rollergirl ($19)– Portable perfume stick, how convenient. No need to carry around a bottle of Febreze anymore  /  Solid Perfume Ring ($29) – perfect in every way possible. I can retire my lip gloss ring now.

 Bronzer ($28) – I like Hello Kitty pale, but i like me sun kissed / Pink bow perfume 50ml- ($58) – Bow tie shaped perfume bottle!!! need i say more?

It’s probably not appropriate for the office but Kitty came with me to work today.

Eggscuse me…

My face is up here. Kidding! thats probably the one time you’re allowed to look at my chest without gettin bopped in the head!

Peep the full collection here. HAPPY HELLO KITTY-ING, xo.

I really enjoy dressing like a dude, can you tell?

It’s always a little weird asking someone to take photos of you but it’s even more awkward when they’re telling you how to pose. “Angle your face, less chin, head tilt a little lower. Yeah that’s good, wait, too much.” Lol that’ why I’m laughing so hard in these photos. All I wanted were pics of my varsity jacket! Anyways thanks to my wonderful iphone and all it’s amazing capabilities, I was able to piece together an outfit post. TWO, might I add.

Varsity jacket -Tarjay (buy here) / dress shirt – Forever21 (buy here) / cardigan – Comme des Garcons (buy here) / boat shoesies – Sperry (buy here). I really enjoy dressing like a little boy. Brings all the creepies to the yard, hey.

Nails – done by yours truly / 2 finger name ring – gift from my mami (you can do it here) / hello kitty shirt (gift from my little cousins) / wedge booties – Target (buy here) / jacket – Joe Fresh.

Are you guys sick of seeing me in the same clothes yet? yeah, me too.

Happy Lovers Day!

Hope all of my favorite Vickylovers get it in with their boo thangs :). If not dont worry, screw love..just worry about gettin that paper. I swear i was a black dude in my past life haha! fo rills! All jokes aside i hope you take a moment to tell anyone you care about that you love them and that their sauce is the biznesss. I get so much love everyday that V-Day doesnt phase me, but i did get some cards to celebrate.

Of course I had to switch up my nails to make it more valentine’s day appropriate.

And now on a side note, (I’m a multi subject changing motherlover) here are some things i was gifted with and forgot to post.

Ray’s Christmas gifts. Hello Kitty necklace (i love it, its sweet and subtle) and an umbrella. I popped open that bitch when I got home and it just about covers my dome and thats it. Still kawaiii though, thanks boo!

Not sure if i posted this already  but my sweet boss got me a hello kitty compact. It doubles as a tv screen showing horror flicks (aka the 3rd photo)

Nana got me a necklace as well, its currently on heavy rotation, L-O-V-E. / Homies Sindy Bindy and Thu-Pac got me this sweet gold collar. Cant wait to rock this.

And last but not least, my new sunnies!

Nana hooked me up with these sick kitty frames for Christmas. I’ve been waitin for the sun to stunt them out in public but for now I wear them on the regular while I skype (thats what i was doing in the picture, skyping and laughing..all thats missing is some sake). Shine so bright gotta wear shades lol. theyre so adorable, luuuh da bowtie. Anyways m’loves i think thats about it. Peeeeas! 2 fingers, unless i dont like you then just 1 finger. xoxo