Chanel “Paris Bombay Collection”

Good morning, beautiful! I hope i’ve found you in good spirits today, for I believe that positivity attracts positivity and I’ll do my best to make sure I take responsibility for my energy today (even if all I want to do is crawl into a ball under my blanket and eat bon bons all day).

Last week, as mentioned very shamelessly on my Instagame, my partner in crime, Debbie and I were invited to Chanel’s in-store unveiling of their Paris Bombay Collection. Btw, I use the term invited very loosely as we more of stalked a few attendees and pretended to be nannies for their children. I kid, I kid… but seriously, who let us in?

The show’s runway, spectacular.

Dreads never looked so cot dayum fine. And that chain intertwined with it? Beautiful.

looooooooooooove her necklace and her head piece. Took my breath away.

That head/nose piercing plus that shoulder chain is insane in the membrane. Catch me in that this summer! Peep the full runway video here. But fo fills, how amazing are these models? I’ve really been into body jewelry lately, from head gear to chest chains, i can’t get enough.

Maybe it’s bc every girl and their dog out there is suffocating the shit out of me with their “arm party” photos. Bangles stacked on top of DIY bracelets, stacked on top of cuffs lol. Ladies, relax… way to kill a trend! Anyways let’s continue shall we?

Chanel Paris Bombay unveiling at Holt Renfew

My P.I.C. stuntin’. No big deal.

This clutch. was. no. joke.

Tennis racket not a part of the Bombay collection but I really wanted it. Top right necklace made me froth at the mouth. A big no bueno when you’re next to Chanel  tweed.

Beautiful ladies x cute shocked Hawksworth server in the back. Ay boy! Didn’t get any shots of the food but it was divine. From chai chocolate balls to carmelized pork sticks, my mouth was puttin it overtime that evening.

Overall it was a great evening of mingling and hob nobbing with mainland china’s Vancouver’s finest shoppers. All the jewelry was displayed beautifully in a tea party type of setting (efforts in creating a replica of the actual show’s runway). We got to take a look at the jewelry up close, try it on (when no one was looking), and just enjoy the beauty of a collection that Chanel put out. Beautiful statement jewelry that I still can’t shake, this hype ain’t going nowhere.

Us both in Honeydrip Jewelry. More to come on that, stay tuned…  :)

Thank you baby jesus Chanel for a fantastic night of inspriing jewelry.

Good morning team!

Can you still believe your favorite person in the world right now is still sick? (In case you were wondering, that person is me). I’m past that body ache stage and this week I got into the lightly congested, sexy sick voicemy favorite stage but somehow this morning I woke up and I was all head heavy again. It’s hard to breathe so lately i’ve been eating with my mouth open, it’s not a good look.

These are the times I wish I invested in a personal soup feeder and a professional blanket tucker. 2 professions I plan to create when I’m ballin.

On a more glamorous and less snotty note, here’s a sneak peak of next week’s post:

Chanel tea party anyone?

You probably saw me there last night. And if you didn’t, no bueno on your end! Eggspect Instagame photos of pillow fights and chocolate sauce hot tubbin’ lol kidding. I’m away all week so you can keep up with my shenanigans on thuuur (or giving solid advice huuur).  Ogaaay, off to the lake house for some rest & relaxation….with 20 other girls. Tres eggcited :)

Have a great week/end my beautiful loves. Eat lots, love lots and don’t forget to tell people what they mean to you. Always send one another off with a hug and a kiss! xo. Ciao!

Veeezy Birthday WANT list.

If you create a wish list because your ass will stay wishing for a long time, instead my greedy butt is making a WANT list. Because wanting is way more deserving than wishing.. right?

Don’t you find it sooo annoying when people make birthday lists with items that are absolutely ridiculous? Like yeah, let me hop right out and get you that Louis Vuitton keychain you asked for. Ugh, those people are high off their kites if they think people are gon’ get them things off that list. But thank goodness for you all the items I’ve compiled on my list are reasonable… :)

Without further ado, here’s a  guide to a one way ticket to my heart (and maybe even bed)

Yellow Chanel $3300 / Tiffany Blue Chanel $2300 Oh heavens no, I wouldn’t dare ask for a boring black Chanel jumbo flap.. that’s like fashion suicide. No, no.. I couldn’t let you do that, yellow or tiffany blue is fine.

Balenciaga Ombre sunglasses $439. Not to toot my own horn, toot toot, but my face shape (round as a pumpkin) was made for sunglasses. There’s really no shape I will not fuck with. Sigh, i really am in love with these Bals though. Don’t make me beg!

Tadashi Shoji Rosette gown $840 $504 / Theia Lace gown $1995 / Theia Silk Organza Mermaid gown $1580. I can’t show up to Sunday brunch wearing, dare I say it…off the rack! Sorry I dont do grocery shopping in sweats either, I’ll need all 3 dresses.

Celine Mini Fluoro $2700. Before you throw up your hands and tell me that these are sold out everywhere and very hard to even find, let me tell you that my happiness is priceless and that I am so worth the trouble! I’ll take one in each color.

Hermes cuff (vintage) $499. Yeah, I do vintage. Consider this a discounted want list item so obviously, i’ll be wanting two.

Aldo’s Calcagni wedges $55-$110. I look like an awkward baby giraffe in heels but wedges I can handle. I’ll need multipe pairs for my multiple personaltiies.

MCM travel bag $300. What? Am I just suppose to carry all of my stuff with my octomom arms? Uh no thank you. This bag should fit everything, and it’s vintage (no commas in the price tag, d’uh) so it better come attached to a unicorn or something.

So um yeah, this is the list for now. But I might make changes so please make sure everything you get me comes with a receipt. Thanks boo face. xo.

Stunna shades

Sigh, it’s been a few seasons since my obsession with Grey Ant sunnies died down, but with the good weather peaking around the corner.. I can’t help but start up this dead end relationship again.

Black Foundry, $270.00. How dope are these? Forget shelling out a few hunnids for basic wayfarers that every mother and her dog has. I dub these “Wayfarer’s Future.” Love love love.

The Black Kennedy, $260.00

Matte Black Leather, $280.00. Really, matte leather? Seriously, why don’t you just take me out on three dates, tell me you had a good time and not call me back after? My heart hurts just the same, these are too pretty not to be friends with.

Some other sunnies worth pining over:

I’m not keen on circle frames but these half tint fuckers from Chanel turned me out big time.

Prada’s Baroque, $302. Been seeing these a lot, def a fun pair. Very old lady hold my cane while i smoke a cigarette type of vibe.

Okay don’t tell me you aren’t feelin these bad boys! These frames from Versace ($250) are so ill. Anna Dello Russo (pictured) has worn them with every outift imaginable. I really haven’t seen anything like these before. Frameless glasses arent my cup of tea but I’d def rock these. Cot dayum they’re so badass. Oh shiiiet, i feel a birthday wishlist coming up…

Anyways I’m really busy right now can’t you see!!? Must get back to work, just wanted to say hi and chit chat for a bit. See you later pumpkin pie. xo.

Gettin’ mean with your hard earned green.

Happy Flyday Friday you motherlovers! I know it’s not st. patty’s day yet but since I rarely show you love on the weekends (unless you’re following me here, or on instagram at Veeezyloves), I thought I’d send you off on this Friday on a St. Patrick’s green tip. I did a pre-mature post awhile back but this one is one for the monaaay.

I’m usually quite good about posting reasonably priced items that any diva on a dime and their dog could afford. But I was like, fuck it.. it’s Friday, we work hard (and by hard I mean I show up) so why not fantasize a little bit about what green goods our hard earned green could buy, right? so I threw out sensible and moderately priced for,  “YOLO,” and “who needs to pay their mortgage, when you got louboutins like these!?”  so ladies (and a few queens), here are my picks for blowin that cash…

Mulberry Lily Grass Green Glossy Goat $775 / Lime Green Ostrich Leather Birkin Bag$17,000 / Chanel Emerald Green Caviar Briefcase Laptop Case price unknown / Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Green Suede Satchel $1,998 / RED Valentino Bow Top Handle Bag $775

Do you see that m’f’n Birkin? Do you see that emerald Chanel laptop case? I know they say money cant buy you class or happiness, but i’m pretty sure the people that said that never met a Birkin. We all know money buys happiness, it buys you that botox that got you perma-smiling all day.

Malene Birger Nuggaz Dress $874 / FENDI Contrasting silk dress  $1,415 $708 / LANVIN Drape dress $1,035 / BALENCIAGA Leather blend legging  $1,302 / Mugler Stretch Leather Pants $2,540

Lanvin, Fendi, Balenciaga..ugh, just imagine scoring front row seats to that orgy. It’d be like designer porn heaven. Do you see that first dress? the sparkles would be so fab prancing around the city on St. Patty’s day. Please do not get me started on those leather pants. I could almost sacrifice my first born for those. And by almost, i mean i would.

Christian Louboutin New Simple ‘ 120’ pumps $790 $474 / Rachel Roy Evvah shoes $149 $78 / Valentino bow sandal  $761 / Zara’s SS12 sandals, not yet released.

Okay as much as I love my jordans, i got a thing for heels. esp ones that break mens hearts.  You peep that bowtie on those Valentino strappies? Like, if i die and come back as a shoe i’d want it to be those. So beautiful! The Zara ones arent eggsactly designer but i included them anyways because those green strap sandals look like they could fuck a bitch up!

This is why shopping designer on a snack pack budget isn’t fun..because at the end of the googling and drooling I’m still left without those green suede Loubs! that’s okay though, this green fever is just another motivation tool to get crackin on building that Veeezy Inc. empire! I hope you enjoyed my – over the top, gotta sell my car, milk my own cow  – picks. Anyways my love, I got fams and friends here from out of town, birthdays to attend, parties to crash and hearts to break, so let’s touch base next week ok? have a fab day and i love you more than i’ve ever loved before. xoxo