Some of the crew behind my writing fam jam, Vancitybuzz, recently launched Tangoo, Vancouver’s first ever multi venue dining eggsperience (in a nutshell). It’s a seamless dining adventure that takes you to 3 different locations for drinks, appys, dinner, dessert and so on. It’s like making your own burger, check off which venue you want to attend for each phase, there are 3- drinks and apps, dinner and dessert, then finally drinks at a final destination to end the night, or get it started.

It’s perfect for a little food hopping and mingling. Last night I brought a handful of homies out and we got our Tangoo on.

First stop – Taste Lounge at FiveSixty.

I’ve never been so this was a nice treat. The venue was really nice, ambiance was warm, inviting and just right for a cold Thursday evening. We talked, mingled, had a cocktail and got our eat on.

You can opt to sit at a regular table or a huge picnic family style table. Cheeses were divine, and the sandwiches were the perfect snack to send us off to our next venue.

Second stop – La Casita

Portions were big and the food was really good. Steak Tampiquena / Chicken Mole enchilada.

Even though we were stuffed, dinner is never complete without a little something sweet at the end.

Margaritas all around! / churro ice cream sundae (mmm) and tres leches cake, love!

Third stop – Vancouver Fanclub

…which we never made to lol. We were too eggshausted from eating and enjoying each others company that a missed 3rd stop didnt seem that important :)

Seamless night of food, drinks and venue hopping, all for $50 tax and tip included. Super affordable and most of all, the guys behind Tangoo are sweet as sugar. Congrats on such a neat and innovative venture! Their next night is Nov 22 and the venue selection is even better than the last.

Hope you guys have a great long weekend. I have big plans of indulging, maybe some bad TV, and lots of snuggling. see you next week, xo.

Live well, eat GOOD.

Hi, guuud moooanin’! The clocks are set back an hour, the evening skies get dark a little quicker now and my body is asking for winter insulation. Who am I to deny my needs, right? I know everyone has some sort of body issue one way or another (myself included) but sometimes you just need to be a little mindless and indulge. This weekend I gave in to all of my cravings and indulged like tomorrow wasn’t promised. Needless to say, i have no regrets!


Half/half Prosciutto di Parma & Formaggio pizza / Parmigiano reggiano risotto / truffled spaghetti with Wagyu meatballs.

Cold and rainy nights I find are the best evenings for carbing up. Whether it be a steaming bowl of creamy rice or flavorful pasta and perfect crusted pizza- it’s the ultimate comfort food for a cozy evening in (or out in our case). Great company, great carbs, my ideal night.

Hy’s Steakhouse 

Crab cakes w/ in house slaw / prime rib x baked potato with the works / buttermilk fried chicken w/ creamed corn / creme brulee

Sometimes it’s nice to try something new (and fancy) but just bc a joint is known for their steak doesn’t mean you can’t have something else! B opted for the prime rib and of course, in true Veeezy fashion I settled on Buttermilk fried chicken as soon as my eyes read it on the menu. The creamed corn was a great balance with the crunchy chicken and dinner wouldn’t be dinner without something sweet. Creme brulee was the obvious choice (isn’t it always?).


pork dumplings / steamed dumplings with consumme / taro cakes / shrimp dumplings / BBQ pork pastries

After a long night of partying (forget the odd hip swaying here and there, we’re talking about full on body thrashing, pelvic thrusting, fist pumping action) – theres not much that will satisfy the mind and spirit besides dim sum. I call this the comfort food for Asians, everything is either fried or steamed (mmm grease) and always piping hot. The variety is spectacular as well, perfect for a scatter brain like myself. Kirin is a  bit fancier as their dim sum is menu order only, i’m more of a push cart type of gal but after the previous night of complete debeauchery – i’d eat just about anything.

And if you’re wondering what preceeded that much needed dim sum meal – I was out partying with my TOML crew and enjoying the music of Benny Benassi.

Had to show my east coast homies some love! Thanks to Anna, Ray and Joe for an epic night xo.

And now concluding last night’s end of weekend meal-

Homemade hot pot, did you think this wasn’t going to be included in my epic weekend of eating? Aw, come on now. There’s nothing more fun than active eating with friends and family, especially when it’s on a rainy cold Sunday evening. As you can tell, I’m really milking this weather to my benefit and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be stopping any time soon.

Take the time to indulge in food, friends, and good company. Whether it be a cheat meal or a night out on the town – our lives’ happiness are made of small pleasures, it’s important we keep that pleasure bank full and fed. A life without these small joys is a life not really living at all, now is it? Go enjoy yourself today, you deserve it. xo.

Quick Veeezy update!

I really dont know what I’ve been up to lately but it’s been a slice! Lots and lots of work, lots of play, birthdays galore, lazy Sunday mornings, honeydrippin’ and of course my expertise, eating my pretty face off.

Dinner at Glowbal Group’s new joint – The Fish Shack

I swear that GG is just killin it with their rep and delivery of food! It was their first week opened so i’ll be back after they tweal shiz. Fried oysters / ahi sliders / fish and chips / seafood salad

Oh you know, just because! My first ever Edible Arrangements bouquet, and wine i actually like.

Wishing my partner in crime, C-DANG, a very happy birthday!

Not sure why i’m wearing the tiara but hey i’m okay with it.

Hand crocheted pumpkin octupus made by our little cousin – such talent.

Hello kitty cake pop!

too cute, just had to share.

Last year I was a chola. this year I was Where’s Wanda, I know… how boring. Not to worry, next year I will come back with avegeance!

Homestyle seafood bake with my girls. Trust me, we always get it in.

C-Dang and I honeydrippin’ and sellin’ dreams as per our usual routine. I’m rockin’ the Athena in case you wanted to look just as fly hehe.

And last but not least, we’ve begun our first round of deliveries for our Honeydrip Movember Woodys!

Thanks to everyone sending in photos, we’re going to be doing a client appreciation post on the HD blog soon. I’ve been running around town doing personal deliveries to friends like a cracked out Santa! The meeting and time coordinations gave me such a headache at times and made me realize one thing, I would make a horrible drug dealer!!

So like yeah, where has the time gone? I find myself waking up and eggcited to get shit crackin every morning and then I open my eyes and I’m like, yo .. why is it so dark? lol. I think the sun def helps with productivity but the drive and ambition I have on lock :)

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m slowly transitioning into hermit mode. Fall fashion events have died down, my desires to shave my legs to wear cute dresses have also simmered to an eggstreme low, multiple seasons of Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad have been added on my to do list, and my work hours are 24/7 for Honeydrip. So any Veeezy time I can get, i am squeezing in! Buhleeee dat.

Such a crazy time, but what a great time. If you ever feel like you miss me (which is always), you can find me on Vancitybuzz, Honeydrip, and your heart. AWWWW!

Seattle weekend!

Not gon’ lie.. it’s kind of poopy to be back after a weekend of celebrating love, stuffing my face, and meeting some amazing, amazing people from all over! From Toronto, to New Jersey.. there were so many sweet individuals that made this trip so memorable, thus making the return home that tragic! Know what else is tragic? I wore a total of 7 outfits this past weekend and didnt take a pic of any lol. I hate me too.

B scooped me up on Friday with goodies (because he is that type of awesomeness) and we were officially enroute to Seattle and in vacay mode holla!!

One gas stop, and one Nacho Libre movie later, we were in Seattle. First stop, UH OBVI – Crawfish King!

Dinner for 5 was no joke! Got to share my Seattle fav with some newbies and it was a total hit. I tapped out early though, but not before i murk’d that caaawrn.

The rest of the evening was spent back at our hotel, The Arctic Club, meeting B’s out of town fams/friends (all 20 of them!).

The lounge was dark, old school heritage-ish type of steeze, I was def into it. The guys drank their faces off while I stepped up for the women’s team and had my 1 vodka soda lol.  Fun night that ended only when the bar closed! Trust me, i was buzzin and ready for some zzzz’s.

Our hotel room (taken in the AM for better lighting)

High ceilings and very old school features, felt like I was in an old movie!

I wore every pair, thats how tight my outfit game was! Kind of choked i didnt document it, damn.

After frolicking in the AM (aka a coffee run for B who was nursing a sweet hangover, thats right.. gf of the year award goes to me) it was fam brunch time at Ivar’s and of course… your girl had the food of her people’s.. fish tacos!

It rained for most of the day but we still managed to walk the city and hit up Target, my fav! We finally made it back to our telly for some rest and rompin’ before the wedding.

Zara Asymmetric dress / the feather/lace one never arrived at the store so I settled for this bad boy. I gotta admit, this dress and I were meant to be. It was comfy, and sit snuck at all the right places with the perfect amount of one shoulder flow. I felt like I was J. Lo with that huuur do as well. It just worked!

The gents! Their sock game was proper..like all the way turnt up, it was adorable!

Open bar = time to play! Some of the ladies and I. I miss them already!

The lovely Cat and I.

The actual wedding/dinner was held upstairs in the ballroom…

talk about fancy, right?

The bride and groom, Felice and Peter, gettin their 2 step on.

I love personalized name tags, so m’f’n official.

Ate myself into a coma! After dinner the open bar re-opened and the rest was a total fun blur. And of course in true Veeezy fashion, I disappeared for an hour and took a fat ass nap in our hotel room hahaha! Woke up, headed back to the wedding and drank all the way to last call. What a fun night.. so glad I could be a part of it!

The next morning was bitter sweet, it was the last brunch before everyone headed off to their next destination or home. Good thing the food was bomb dot com, made eating my feelings that much more bearable. Seafood heaven = Salty’s on Alki

seafood galore / biscuits x gravy / caramel and chocolate fountain. I die!!! What an epic meal, not so much for those suffering from the night before but seriously, I felt like a champ :)

After the final hugs for the cousins, aunts and uncles we were headed home *tear. I can’t really find more words for awesome and amazing, but meeting folks that feel like life long friends isnt easy to put into words. When you meet good people, you just know. Seriously, I’m such a lucky mofo. Until next time fam jam!!! So like, what did you do last weekend?

Friday Fank Yous.

Okay so I know thanksgiving was last week but I thought I’d make sure my readers know I’m not some spoiled twat. Okay so maybe I am, and maybe you’re done reading all those facebook/twitter/IG posts of “I’m thankful for my family/friends/shelter/lover” etc. blah blah blah. Yes I’m thankful for those things too, trust me.. I am, each and every single day. but you didn’t come here to listen to me praise allah. So I’m going to do a list of things I’m thankful for, all superficial but still very grateful nonetheless!

I’m thankful for my patience. I’ve officially been on the Galaxy S3 for 4 days now and I’m using all my will power not to throw it across the room!!! Instagram just isn’t the same and I don’t know any good photo apps on this thing. It’s probably just a matter of time until I get the swing of it but seriously, how are people going to fall in love with me if my IG photos aren’t up to par?

I am so thankful for beautiful toe nails. I am literally a pedicurist’s dream come true when I sit  down on that massaging chair. They’re always ooh-ing and aah-ing over my abnormally (but wonderfully) sized pinky toe nails. Seriously, some people don’t even have a nail. Mine are hard, evenly shaped and can take a real beating without complaint (you try walking 5 hours in wedges!). Thank you Toe lord.

Speaking of nails, I’m really thankful for my thick, hard, and healthy nail beds as well. Loving Sally Hansen’s lace sticker paint (thanks nana)

I’m thankful for Jordans.

I’m thankful for my wonderful tardy boss. Always arriving to work 2 mins after I’ve rushed in so never really knowing I’m 20 minutes late every day.

I’m thankful for my big eyes. These tend to get me a lot of things I want, and most importantly they get me out of trouble. Late for a meeting, can’t find change for my coffee, skipping the line at the grocery store, need help tying my shoes – you name it, these eyes will do the trick.

I’m thankful for the 1 car that always seems to speed in the morning on the highway. It allows me to speed behind him but not be the first asshole speeding in the morning.

I’m thankful for my amazing metabolism. it lets me have dinners like this at Suika:

I’m thankful for YSL.

I’m thankful for the Di-Anna’s club. Since my name doesn’t eggsactly fall in the Di or Anna realm, I’m merely a spectator of this dynamic duo. They’re funny, caring and always looking out for me. but most importantly, they really love me!!! any time I’m feeling down I can go to them and they’ll have like 20 nice things to say about me. like my personal vanity mirror that speaks, cheaper than therapy and does wonders for my ego.


I’m thankful for being really good at making cupcakes. (credit goes to B for his very mature choice of decorative images)

I’m thankful for HONEYDRIP. Dropped the Aphrodite today! Goddess standing for beauty, love and pleasure. Baby..we are sooo about that life, holla!!!

And last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Friday because in about 2 hours I am off to Seattle with the boo-ski for another fun filled weekend of eating, in bed play time, and wedding funsies!

All jokes aside….I AM AMAZING lol. And so are you! I dont get it when people dont give themselves credit for all that they do. You’re gifted, smart, beautiful, creative, kind, sweet, thoughtful and the list goes on. You dont need someone to tell you all the time, your biggest critic and the only one that matters is you. Often we look out for validation when in reality the only validaton we need is from ourselves. If you’re a good person with a  good heart, there is no confusion as to what you are. Continue being a contributer of good energy into the universe and you won’t get lost. Okay babies, I see you next week. XO.