My favorite last minute gift idea!

Lately when I’ve asked my girlfriends & friends what they’re doing for Valentine’s Day, the common answer has been “nothing, V-day is stupid, it’s overrated, there’s nothing to do” or something along the lines of that. I just thought I’d make it clear that ladies/fellas, you need to realize that Valentine’s day has nothing to do with what you feel and what you believe, it’s about going out of your way, making the effort, and spending that extra attention on him/her. It’s about blowing a bit of coin and showing your boy/girl that he/she is special to you and that you appreciate him/her. For those whiners that say “it’s a hallmark holiday, I show her love everyday” crap, it’s all nonsense. Trust me, my boo thang showers me with love on the regular (and it is the BOMB) but I love that he rises up to the challenge to outdo himself when the occasion calls for it. The day should be about over indulging with each other. So get off your lazy butt and make your lover feel special on the one day of the year that we’re allowed to brag and swoon without guilt– or else someone else will come along and do it.

And for all you people who think it’s just a “lovers day,” when was the last time you showed your gfs some love and sent them flowers or candy? When was the last time you had a girls night and just went balls out? if you can’t recall, I suggest you refuel your dope friend status and show them how it is to be loved by someone like you! it’s a day celebrating love so make sure you spread love to all. Happy lovers, friends, family, gfs Day to everyone!!!

For those last minute folks – Edible Arrangements are still taking orders today for delivery tomorrow. I’ve ordered a few already, so do it now!!

edible arrangements1

What’s better than a buoquet of flowers? A buoquet of edible flowers, i love food! What a dope gift. Now bitches dont have to feel so guilty about stuffing their faces with chocolate, you’re gettin your fruit fix too! Happy humpday, dolls xo.


To be full in love and life is a challenge, to be full in appetite is a feast! My latest eating adventures in 2013 -

Brunch at Yew:

Yew 1Yew

Mini donuts / pulled pork eggs benny / beef burger – early day itis is always fun.

Family feasting with the little cousins – they always know how to throw down:cousins dinner 1

cousins dinner 2

Jethro’s / Minami:

Jethros Minami

(Jethro’s) I often dream about their country fried steak and banana chocolate chip french toast (One of my favorite, ever) / (Minami) brussel sprouts and Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish and Shrimp Crab Dumpling
49th and Parallel / Fried Cornflakes french toast / Black Forest Bakery (Toronto) / Popeye’s Fried Chicken (Toronto)

parallel popeyes toronto

Some folks have cheat days, I have cheat months – clearly a very successful month!

Dont worry, I can cook too. Homemade eats while in Toronto:


Choc chip pancakes with pears / curry quinoa with bocconcini & cucumber / broc chicken cheese casserole / spinach scramble, steak, avocado and biscuits



Pressed sushi galore, beautiful presentation too.

Nero Waffle Bar:


Waffle x banana x ice cream x nutella = BOMB.

Satori Factory / Kintaro Ramen / Cattle Hot Pot:

satori ramen hot pot

Macarons / spicy garlic ramen heaven / hot pot !!!

The Black Hoof was a restaurant in downtown Toronto that we all ventured out to on a cold and snowy Sunday evening, the restaurant was small, and packed but had a cozy ambience that kind of let you know you were in for a treat! The best words to describe this experience are SINFUL, and INDULGENCE to the max:

The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof 3

Pulled pork tacos / Charcuterie / Hoof Larzo (basically fat that melts in our mouth) / bone marrow

The Black Hoof 2

oxtail & scallops / pulled pork tacos (ordered twice, they were that good)

The Black Hoof 1

Beef tongue on brioche / pork belly / Pop and chips blood pudding. The food was divine in an over the top way, best described as decadent dining! And all of the dishes above were prepared on one regular kitchen stove. Amazeballs eh?

Phnom Penh / Kadoya / Cinco De Mayo:

PP Kadoya Cinco

fam din / sisters lunch / cousins catch up – food is best shared :)

I missed thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with my sister so we decided to do a holiday re-do in Toronto and had family dinner:turkey dinner

All the fixings! Fried turkey / bombass spread / Nedege Patisserie panna cotta cake “Marie Antoinette” (omg i think of it all the time) and our cousins ritual oreo cake.

The One:

The One

Gettin our bbt fix (thats what you get for photobombing!!) / desserts from Nigs / and my very  first shaved ice experience.

And last but not least, yesterday’s dinner at Suika:


Short rib (melt in yo mouf damn good) / japanese pizza / spicy ramen / and 40oz steak … meat sweats are no joke.

I know its been a little quiet at the online Veeezyloves headquarters as of late but rest assured I am very much alive, going out and about stuffing my face with all the happy feelings I have. Eat well, live well. I’ll be back shortly, happy Monday xo.

Hawksworth w/ my team.

Annual Christmas dinner with my beeezys but this year we  turnt it up a bit by headin out instead of cookin up a storm. Finally got to check out Hawksworth (voted #1  n Canada)…BUT i’d say it’s more of a joint to watch gay men drink too many, and gold diggers try to get some. The food was decent but my crew always makes up for any wackness!!

hawksworth 1

Tried & true, my babes always come through. Just missing our east coast Thug – Colleen. (Top: Mars and Nigs / Bottom: Vi-Nilla Ice & Tina)hawksworth 3

glazed lamb shoulder confit potato gnocchi / seabass with lobster & shrimp aioli / roasted maple hills chickenhawksworth 2

winter fingerling potato salad w/ truffle / pan seared scallops / foie gras parfait green applesdf

Def worth a try if you want a romantic dinner out with your hunnie #1, or your side piece #2. Or better yet, treat your crew to brunch there.. i heard they got fried chicken!!hawksworth 6

But forreal doe, what the french toast do you mean your caesears come with cucumbers? You killin me Hawksworth..ya killin me. Anyways just wanted to say hi and wish you all a merry holiday before i forget to! eat lots, love lots and stay out of my way.. i’m in a rush to  go everywhere this week!! xo.

Ain’t nothing better than a Friday!

I’ve rewritten the intro to this post about 3 times now and i still dont have a proper greeting. So when words fail, photos are a great alternative. Here are some pictures from my life as of late!

Been puttin in work packin on the el bees for the winter months. Ain’t easy but someone’s gotta do it.

L.A. ChickenPhotoGrid_1354899019118

Little grimy joint in Richmond that serves some bombass fried chicken with the illest gravy! Don’t go for the ambience.. go for the bird ya heard.

Chronic Tacos20121204_194504 PhotoGrid_1354899066556

I love Mexican anything; food, work ethic lol, themed parties – had one last week for my little cousin, but there’s nothing more awesome than coming home to a surprise fiesta! B moonlighting as a Mexican server included (his accent was superb). Nachos supreme, salsa/guac, chicken burrito and my fav, the fish taco that kind of looks like a vagina no? So much fun playing retaurant at home. I used to do it as a child all the time – imaginary food, a server, a customer and always at some sort of fake posh restaurant lol. You’re never too old to play!

Fatty Cow Hot Pot20121201_201756 Seriously, would I be anywhere else on a cold day? Of all the hp dine outs i’ve had, this one captures my favorites all in one photo- Instant noodles, fish skin, and caaawrn! HP season is officially here :) Btw, if you’re not having bi weekly hot pot sessions with your girls, ya ain’t livin.

Cupcakes by Heather & LoriPhotoGrid_1354899084232

Some treats to go along with tree deocorating! How can one possibly adorn ornaments on an Xmas tree without  proper fuel!!?  My first victim was Caramella (bottom right corner), caramel filled chocolate cake topped with caramel buttercream, a dollop of caramel and sprinkled with praline. Ugh, i die. so bomb.


So.. do you like it? Is it too much? lol. I think its perfect.So happy the holidays are here but i’m already trippin over the fact Christmas is 2.5 weeks away. FML. But I can’t really complain bc I already got the best gift this year…I got a new baby!!!


Well technically he’s not mine (i’m working on it) but I couldn’t be happier becoming an aunt! Cheebz gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, and biiiig baby boy last week, Christopher Vinh Poole – named after my brother, what a blessed little baby. Honestly, I’ve never loved anyone so much before. Like to love this little human so much even before meeting him is so insane, this is what stalkers must feel. Isn’t he most perfect thing you’ve ever seen?  I’ve always thought newborns were all quite ugly odd looking, but this little guy came out looking like a stud (I may be a lil biased). Gosh I can’t wait to meet him, spoil him, give him sugar behind his mothers back, introduce him to hot girls and be his wing man at the clubs. Too soon, too soon? I dont care, I AM IN LOVE.

It’s experiences like these that make me want to work harder for myself and my faaam jaaams. I mean, what good is time if it’s not spent growing and being with the ones you love? What good is money if you can’t spend it on the ones that deserve it most? With that being said, help me pay for all of my flights to visit my nephew lol. Support HONEYDRIP! And while you’re at it, help my grandma too lol.


Her holding her very first great grandchild haahahahha. Seriously this photo cracks me up and makes me cry at the same damn time. This is so Lion King circle of life.

Okay, all jokes aside – We’ve got a brand new site, and lots of new inventory. Keep up with our blog for the latest in what makes us happy, swoon (Debbie’s naked men), and drool.PhotoGrid_1354899291835

Some recent drops include the Luciana (cross ring/bracelet), Victoria (chandelier bib necklace), and Katerina (ankle cuffs). We have some major illy stuff droppin in the comin weeks so stay tuned! Find us on twitter & Instagaaame. We’re just a bunch of dope chicks doing dope thikngs, if you’re into that then get with it! For anything else, like love letters and presents, hit me at Boo yo ka sha, baby.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be back next week with more holiday posts. Like where to go, what to eat, and who to love (me). Love you soooo much! Well not all of you, just the good ones! xo.



72 hours of pure INDULGENCE.

I find resurrecting after a long weekend is always the hardest, not even a long night of partying with an accompanying hangover can beat this feeling of “sigh, already?” Especially when it’s spent the opposite way of my work week. It was sooo relaxing- free of scheduled lunches, late night meetings, agenda preparation, material research, blog postings etc. Instead the majority of the 72 hours were spent snuggling in & out of bed with this furry face -

Cooking dinner (medium rare steak, spicy rose sauce pasta, garlic mash and honey chicken wings) and then breakfast – the left over mashed potatoes and chicken were turned into balls and fried to make potato cakes, yum! There was also a lot of eating ice cream from the tub (remedies for when missing my sister)

Multiple episodes of Breaking Bad, and maybe only a handful of times of leaving the nest for necessities – caramel macchiatos, hot pot, birthday celebrations – might I add my first experience at Hooker’s Green was a good one, drinksies with the crew and more importantly with my Nigs, celebrating her upcoming trip to Hawaii and a big leap into a new role for her career, so proud of you love! I think it’s moments like these where I feel the most happiest – when I see friends and family growing and going after what they want. People always talk about change, but rarely does it ever leave the realm of “talk.” I’ve learned to stop lending my support to those that say they want better but have taken no steps in getting there. I would rather give my love to someone like Nigs who has never let me down (without good reason ha!) and is a woman of love, warmth and integrity. That my friend, is what we call real. My ride or die, congrats again! love you so much xo.

 Okay so where were we? Oh right, things I did this weekend -trips to the dog park…

And even a high tea session at Secret Garden in Kerrisdale on a rainy Sunday afternoon, followed by some retail lusting at Hills.

High tea was a nice surprise and lot of fun, perfect for a lazy day with nothing to do but eat and talk about dirty things over crumpets and tea. Hmmm, come to think of it – it seems like I left the nest more than I thought I did lol.

I hope you all had a great long weekend as i did. Came into work this morning and was just ready to take on my day! Thats what a weekend should do for you, rejuvenate and get you going for the next 5 days (as hard as the initial hour or 2 may be). Thanks for taking your time to read this, I hope it’s given you an incentive to enjoy what time we have left here. Tomorrow isn’t promised so make sure you give more today than you did yesterday bc excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough. I think it’s better to be realistic and know which side you’re on so that you don’t spend so much of your time fooling others. Anyways, just some text for thought. Happy Tuesday, xo.