Portland trip recap!

Hi babies, Veeezy’s home! Last Friday I left the city early to celebrate B’s birthday <– some soft shizzz right there, but don’t get it twisted… i aint soft lol. It’s a 6 hour ride to Portland so you already know we had to make a stop in Seattle to grab a bite at (my new favorite spot.. like ever) PASEO!

You must get the #2- Carribean Roast, pork shoulder coated in Paseo marinade and slow roasted until falling into succulemt morsels. One of the best things i’ve ever let into my mouth, i was immediately craving it again a few hours later.

After fueling up on Paseo (and chips at the gas station), we got into Portland and checked into The Nines (you might’ve seen my eggcited tweet here). The place was so nice, I totally felt like I was on Gossip Girl! They opened my door and of course I dropped my phone while stepping out and was all like “DONT WORRY I GOT IT” like a real east van G. Don’t touch my shit!! lol

Or you might’ve seen the alternate photo I IG’d below…

It was all so pretty and personalized. They even had birthday chocolates for B which I gladly ate and pretended it was my birthday.

We washed up and by that time it was past midnight, maybe even 1. Didn’t matter bc I was hungry and my face full of day old make up was not going to waste! Time for … FOOD TRUCKS.

Def loved the fact that they were all open late and the variety is so insane. Thai iced  tea, of course B got vietnamese food (my mom would be so ashamed), and obviously I got the food of my pepples, steak burrito! SO bomb. I couldn’t finish it but i think about it every day still (sad face). We walked around a bit more and I was actually shocked to see so many homeless folks.. and not to mention bakery boys. It felt like Davie Street.

The next morning we woke up at the crack of 10am and got started with our day.

Looking down from our floor.

Beautiful Portland day. Our hotel had a few weddings and the men’s Washington soccer team was staying there too! I only looked, didn’t touch or talk…

First state of business – PINESTATE BISCUITS

Saw this spot on Triple D a while back and never forgot about it. Uh, biscuits smothered in country gravy? seriously.. if i came back as food, it would be a biscuit drowning in gravy.

It did not disappoint.. Arnold Palmer, my fav (iced tea x lemonade), potato hash with flank steak and cheese, fresh biscuits in country gravy, and the Reggie biscuit (fried chicken with bacon and cheese). B tapped out early but it was alright bc I ATE HIS TOO. My favorite stop during our whole trip.

The rest of the day was spent shopping, lots of walking and nothing to buy! Okay i lied, i did find this bag:

Gucci Canvas boston bag, $1295. It was $1294 dollars than I wanted to spend so I just admired from afar and kept walking.

Aside from the mainstream shops, downtown Portland had an open market area with all sorts of entertainment, shopping, and of course..food.

Mid day snack – pho

Thank goodness our hotel was right in  downtown, after hours of shopping we stopped back into our telly for a mid day snack (again) and nap.

The lounge had unlimited food and booze. Cray right?

Enjoying the wifi, and waiting in the lounge while our room was being serviced.

After a much needed nap, we set out to what I was waiting for the whole day..southern dinner at SCREEN DOOR.

Cornbread / gumbo (meh to both)

My lovely dining partner

Fried chicken x collard greens x mashed potatoes for me (shocking right?) / Beef brisket, potato salad and green beans for B. Mmmm so bomb!! I doggy bagged some of the fried chicken and had it for breakfast in bed the next AM. Southern life, love it.

After dinner we went back to the telly to PTFO.

Obvi I had to sneak out to get some treats from the lounge hehe.

Woke up the next morning and got back to roaming the city. I really love vacations, you wake up any time and just do whatever you want. No agenda, no sense of urgency, besides listening to your tummy. Found this gem that I saw on Eat Street and always wanted to try- BRUNCH BOX

Grilled cheese x grilled cheese with a bag of chips and a can of pop, seriously all of life’s combo should always come with chips and soda! Very filling and would def recommend sharing it. After the heart attack of a sandwich, we strolled through the city again and went all over. Including yaletown like neighborhoods, to east van slums.. needless to say we were on the wrong side of the tracks for a bit lol.


Shop shop shop, play play play.. finally back to the telly for our nap hehe. We were going to go out for dinner but seeing as they had a fancy restaurant downstairs, we decided to eat there instead (even though i wanted pasta and rice!!). Dark dinner = no photos. The next morning was our  final day in Portland :(

One more stop before departing – VOODOO DOUGHNUTS!

I felt like I was at Kwik-E-Mart.

What love in a box looks like…sigh.

Chocolate icing oreo with peanut butter,  HEAVEN.

The rest of the day was spent shopping in Portland, a Crawfish King stop in Seattle, and finally PHO when we reached homebase in Vancouver. What a fun trip!! I love vacations, even if they’re mini like this. The thought of not having the day planned and just enjoying your time with someone is such a nice change from my usual loaded agenda. It was 4 days of a blank agenda, no idea of what to do but simply have fun.

Portland was so good to us, from the people to the food – everything and everyone was so kind and sweet!! People were courteous, kind, and just plain nice. They say everywhere you go, you will meet people that you are meant to meet. Needless to say, I have nothing but love for Portland. Great people, and great food! Thanks to B for such an awesome weekend, sad to be home but eggcited for my next trip. Anyways, have a great Tuesday everyone, don’t forget to hug and kiss lots!!! (I did manage to buy a few things but that will be a later post). XO.

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