7 lbs in 6 weeks

..is pretty average for what a pregnant woman gains in her 1st trimester. I am however not pregnant, just eggstremely well fed. It’s eggspensive to maintain this round frame of a face you know.

So maybe i dont fit into my skinny jeans anymore but i’m chalking this weight gain to “happy weight” as opposed to “eating my feelings” type of weight gain. Whatever, i know you secretly love the fact i’ve gained an infant in a small amount of time! Secretly, when other girls tell me they’ve gained weight, in my head i’m like “yeaaaah!!! the more you gain, the skinner i will look” lol. I’m kidding!! or am i….

It’s been a great end to the summer months, and I have the food photos to prove it. There’s nothing I love more than sharing laughs, stories, and love over a table full of food. A full belly is a full heart. I’m as full as can be :)

Gyu-Kaku – my best friend in the whole entire world, Tina, finally turned the big 2-5 so we did what we’ve been doing since the 8th grade..we ate, A LOT.

Happy birthday my love, you are the ying to my yang! I knew she was my downass when she stole samosas for me at our high school carnival’s food fair, seriously. We’ve been through lots together and I can’t fathom the good life without you. Kisses!

The Elbow Room Cafe – great little diner on Davie run by hilarious gay men. Food and some sexual humor, perfect Sunday morning.

Perogies were friggin’ bomb. Loaded with sausages and bacon. As if you needed to ask, of course I KILLED IT.

Deer Garden – little hong kong steeze type of cafe in Richmond. My first time there and prob not my last. They let you create your own noodle and soup combos!

I made mine with instant noodles and corn bc I’m country like that.

FOOD TRUCK MEET UP! On one of the Sundays, B and I made it out to the Waldorf Hotel for their weekly food truck meet ups. It was eggstremely sunny that day, made the line ups that much more enjoyable..not.

Wishing they had a Fastpass…

Taco’s Rico’s

mmm so tasty. But I still stand loyal to my NYC fav, La Esquina.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

I rarely have grilled cheese cravings and my mom usually makes the best ones but these are pretty legit and perfect for enabling itis.

Guu Garden

late nights eats for 2! Can’t really go wrong with Izakaya.

Cactus Club Cafe (English Bay) – my favorite Cactus location, situated right on the beach with orgasmic views of the ocean.

mm ceviche!

Like stupid beautiful, right?

Ebisu – our Colleen was home for one evening (she calls Toronto her home) so we made sure we made up for lost celebrations.

8 bamboo sakes later.. we got ugly!

my nigga i’m faded, faded, faded!

PNE eats! Gator BBQ

Mr. Ken’s Donut Factory

Corn dogs – nothing like $5 battered hot dog weiners to make you feel like you got jacked.

One of my favs from the fair…


Ok great, now I’m hungry… diet will just have to wait until tomorrow. Happy hump day, my darlings! XO.

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