Happy last Friday of June!

Good morning my loves! I hope this post finds you in a good spirits this Flyday Friday :)

For those who aren’t already following me on my Instagame (VEEEZYLOVES), here’s what you’ve been missing:

My familia and I celebrating our baby cousin’s graduation (she’s top center). My baby is so grown! Thank you for becoming such a beautiful, and mature young lady. we love you!

Whenever I get a compliment on my mug, I always tell people to wait for my clan to arrive. From being kids to now running the show we call our lives, my cousins are legit!!

**sorry for the horrible photo quality, blame it on my cousin’s WACKberry. And yes, I know I am about 15  shades darker than the rest of the ladies.. thanks to Vegas!

A little throwback action. Fruition is not only a leader in apparel, but a leader in mind, body and spirit. If you’re not already in the know, then get familiar! Fruition, Limitless in style and in life. Pusha V with @Val, and @Corrine.

My birthday was over a month ago but there’s no time limit on sweet gestures! My manager and his wife treat me like one of their own, a late gifted present from them always equals to girly squeals and fist pumps.

It’s been a mad hectic week. Let’s see what I’ve been up to..

  • my Toronto love, Colleen, is back on the left coast for a short while and let me tell you, she is killin the lash game.. heavy!
  • baking cupcakes like a mad woman for the Canada Day BBQ Fundraiser
  • figuring out what to wear to a day time bridal shower, then a wedding in the evening (assless chaps!!)
  • attending meetings to get Honeydrip certified and proper (tax fraud apparently is a big deal)
  • stuffing my face to get bikini body ready (more like bikini body heavy lol)
  • keepin the boys sweatin that veeezy love.. it’s a lot of work you know

And most importantly, I’ve been mentally packing (and repacking), thinking of foods to eat, outfits to wear, and all the dreams I’ll be selling.. because as of next week, your favorite girl is off to California and Las Vegas (again!). I’ll try to update vloves but I highly doubt in between bites of tacos and churros i’ll have time to. But not to worry, I’m on that Instagame like crack so catch me there :)

Believe in your flyness. Conquer your shyness! (Wearing “Cleopatra” by HONEYDRIP. Hubba bubba)

I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone (Drizzy voice). Have a wonderful day! Sun, booze and babes, here I come. See you in 2 weeks, mon cherie! Thanks for making it so easy to love you.

5 thoughts on “Happy last Friday of June!

      • haha i was supposed to be on a plane to hong kong right now, but there’s been a typhoon warning 8 over there so my flight got delayed. but i’ll be flying out tonight (hopefully)!! :)

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