Happy Monday!

I’m back, holla. Today is my first day back in commission yay! Been sick like a toothless puppy all week but I’m feeling much better today (thank you for asking, boo)

This is how I spent a few hours of my time:

Pulling items for part 2 of VancityBuzz’s Perfect Summer Outfit for HER. The above is just a sneak peak of the full article so go read and support your favorite girl (me!)

If you recall, last week I wrote the perfect outfit for HIM. I had such a blast writing it and pulling pieces for the outfit. The feedback was great, the Facebook likes were awesome but the comments on there totally caught me off guard. The first time I read the comments I’m not gon’ lie, my feelings were hurt! I even told my cousins about it lol. One of my cousins mentioned something about sticking to womens fashion and for a second I almost agreed. But then I thought to myself, why? Just because someone doesn’t like what I do or say does not mean I need to change myself to better suit their taste. Imagine if everyone listened to the negativity instead of the positive? The world would be full of undriven and uninspired people. I’ve always stuck to my guns and I plan to continue doing so.

Honestly, my hurt feelings were short lived bc after the initial shock of the rude comments i was like, fuck it suuun! I’ve never really cared too much about what others thought about me and i’m not going to start now. Sure, it’s kind of weird seeing it in writing but I guess i’d rather they say something than nothing at all :)

So folks, another lesson in life: Stick to your guns. Don’t get discouraged because of one mean comment in a sea of support and love. To do well you must be well in mind, body and spirit. Your motivation and hunger to do great is yours, and yours only, the rest is just noise. If what you do is fuelled by sincere love, then there is no wrong. Be confident in what you do and doubt will never come into play.

On a sad note, I just wanted to let you know we lost a good guy this past weekend :( Chris aka Lewds of the Crooks and Castles was someone I met about 4 years ago at an event. You know when you meet someone and you can tell they’re just nice, like genunely nice with no ulterior motives? That was Chris. I managed to see him a time or two while I was in Cali and was actually hoping to see him next month. I don’t like looking back and regretting things but I hope for the future I won’t ever hesitate to hit up a friend.

Rest in paradise, my friend.

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. You are awesome, girl! You have such a great attitude and you’re right, fuck them haters. In the end, those who put themselves out there and take risks to do what they love are the ones who can look back on their lives and feel satisfied with themselves!

    • I love how you’re totally on this “I love myself” team. Its really the only team worth playing for :) how are things out east? my sister says you guys are going through a heat wave! um. lucky much? lol

      • Agreed!
        Right now it’s really sunny and pretty hot although we’re supposed to be getting a bit of rain in the next few days I think. Weather forecast here always so inaccurate though, so who knows! What about you guys? :)

      • cold rain, cloudy skies.. but i could care less! lol. im sick so i’d much have the weather corresponding to my well being. It sucks when youre sick and its nice out!

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