Green with envy

I don’t know why green always gets such a bad rep, personally I think green is a wealthy color. It makes me think of lush gardens, good vegetables, money and prosperity. I like the fact that when it’s bright it looks fun and almost a little psychotic, and when its dark it can look very come hither lick my face type of cozy. PLUS it doesn’t hurt tan skin looks like butta next to it! here’s how you do green..vickyloves steeze:

Wintertime Green

I totally love military green year all round but in the winter it just oozes russian-esque cold to me. And then there’s that play on Christmas-y green for that pop of color on a usually dark clothing season. Call me a fat kid wanting to feel skinny but I love drowning in clothes sometimes aka an oversized turtle neck. You know, you do that peekaboo thing while holding up the collar, thats cute no?

Green tie coat $150 (Topshop), Merino cashmere (meow) sweater $80 (Uniqlo), military pants (Costa Blanca), pom pom beanie $28 (Topshop)

Summertime Green

Color is like crack to me. So you best believe I look like a walking (well dressed) rainbow in the summer. The knotted skirt is beyond cute, not sure i want all that attention near my cooch but if you’re looking for long, maxi dresses are my go to. top and bottom in 1? no leg shaving needed? uh sign me up please. Green on tan skin = goddess vibes fo rills!

Skirt $48 (Nastygal), heritage emarld sarong knot dress $240 (Halston), split neck maxi $110 (Topshop), strapless stretch crepe jersey bodysuit $595 (Willow) *Okay i love this body suit so much my loins are literally quivering and asking for magic to happen. It is such a beautiful shade of green, and the neckline (or lack of) is so beautifully cut. I would wear this baby with kitten heels and parade around town!!


I. WANT. THAT. BAG. like i NEED that bag. How amazeballs is that cross eyed neon color? Bright colored accessories is such a nice addition to a boring outfit. People! pizazz your outfits more because im getting tired of walking the city and making mental jokes about how boring everyone is (myself included, sad face. kidding, kind of..but not really you know?)

Green fluro cracked leather bag $188 (Topshop), green velvet peep toe pumps $37 (Lulu’s), emerald bib necklace $42 (

There are people out there rockin the stuff i just listed, and im mad JELLY!!… ah, so this is why they say green with envy. Well i’m about to go blue with blue ovaries if I dont satisfy my green craving.

Oh and did you notice? it’s Dec!! As Bone Thugz and Harmony would say, “It’s the 1st of the month!” Happy day my loves. xoxo

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