Home Decor Inspiration

Sorry for being a little late on the home décor post. It was so beautiful this past weekend I couldn’t pass up the chance of ice cream by the beach, cat naps and hanging with my boos :)

I’ve been low on content lately, call it writer’s block.. call it a lack of motivation, but don’t call it slacking – my mind has been working overtime lately! If only I could put it into words and share it with you. it just feels like I’m running out of time to do all the things I love to do. Honeydrip is set to relaunch this summer (very eggciting) so there’s lots of planning and work happening with that. CHRIS+OPHER has been so much fun, every time I send a package out I get a high that’s incomparable! It’s taught me a lot about social media, I’m learning every day. There’s also a few projects in the works but I won’t share until they’re in a more mature stage. But yes, that is me in a nutshell. Figuring out every day how to do what I love and turn it into profitable business! There is so much more failing I need to do before succeeding, wish me luck!

Whenever I have a moment of 2 of downtime, my latest obsession has been home décor. B and I are doing an apt make over this Fall and the idea box is flowing! I’m going to spend the summer thinking about what I want and then hopefully by Fall I’ll be 100% confident of the wall paper, paint colors, furniture etc. We’re choosing to re-do the apt later in the year because not only is my schedule busy, but B’s as well. He recently took a leap of faith and I couldn’t be happier for him. There’s been a lot of growing these last few weeks and we cannot thank you everyone enough for the support! We realized there are 2 types of supporters, the ones that pat you on the back, wish you well but never leave the sidelines to help push you. And the other type are the ones that wish you well and actually mean it – those are the people we are most thankful for. Thank you, thank you!

Okay enough of that – let’s enter my home décor brain for a moment and just indulge in these images!

pic20140415073436 pic20140415073537 pic20140415073611 pic20140415073829 pic20140415073918 pic20140415083520

My latest décor inspiration. Do we love!? Can’t wait to show you our apt as we work on it. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

My Current State of Mind…

  • I’m an advocate for going after what you want, I won’t make or listen to any excuses for anyone or anything. With that being said, I am my own biggest obstacle.
  • The Heather dress is a must have. Get yours before they sell out!
  • Fair-weather friends are plentiful, I don’t have the time or patience for those types of people. Thank goodness my low tolerance allows for a fast recovery from bad tasting friendships.
  • I’ve had avocado on toast for the last 7 days, it’s my current obsession and I can’t stop!
  • When it comes to a healthy relationship, it’s either you have one or you don’t – there’s no in-between. Don’t fool yourself.
  • 5 days left of my TinyTea “teatox,” I feel the same and all it’s done is increase my poutine cravings lol.
  • Nothing is promised in life, do what makes you happy. Fuck everyone else.
  • The answer is always no if you don’t ask.
  • “Stop the glorification of BUSY.” My cousin posted that on her Instagram and I couldn’t agree more. Why do people associate busy with doing well? is there quality in your busy-ness? I always try to make an effort to slow down and face time my nephew, have long hugs with my boyfriend, and savor the meals/conversations at my parents’ place. Being busy don’t mean shit!
  • I have the best girlfriends, every time we link up I feel like my love tank gets filled. I feel for women that don’t have close genuine female bonds, there’s nothing comparable to a love like that.
  • Miss my sister, like a lot.
  • Finally have my LinkedIn profile up!!! How eggciting.
  • I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Cat (my first time!), it’s such an honor.  Words just can’t describe it!
  • Every day is a beautiful struggle.

Be back shortly, xo.

Moving on up, and out.

I’m back like cooked crack, y’all!!

Ah, the follow up email to what seemed like a comeback! Honestly, I really am going to make an effort to write more – mostly for myself, because lord knows if I kept all these thoughts in my head I’d end up in the looney bin.

First off, happy (Asian) new year to my fellow peeps! New year… NEW HOME. I know, kind of crack head cray cray but I’m officially moved in full time with my boo thang. Game changer, no doubt. But gosh, who would’ve thought, a fat awkward kid with more mustache than her father could one day end up being an adult, and LIVING with the boy of her dreams, no less!



Truth be told, I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing my roomies every day, aka mom and dad. Leaving the nest was mad hard but since the move, they’ve been calling with, “do you not know where home is anymore? Have you forgotten!!?” That OG Vietnamese guilt grip is nothin’ to fuck with!! All jokes aside, I can’t trip over it – bc grocery shopping at my parents’ is LEGIT. Everything you need for FREE 99. Don’t get no better than that!! Hahaha

Besides leaving the parentals, I was mad scared because I ain’t no m’f’n Suzy Homemaker! I’m a pro at making resos, dropping off my laundry and that’s the extent of my domesticated life. With that being said, I wanted to take the time to really figure out what makes a home, a home. I didn’t want to end up resenting B for folding his clothes, or washing the dishes but along the way I’ve learnt to enjoy the process of maintaining a home plus I love taking care of my man. It may sound old school to you but fa reals, I have NO complaints! So to all you ladies that complain about picking up after your man – don’t take care of someone if you’re just going to complain about it. Do it with love, or don’t do it at all. Don’t be that whiny bitch. Well that’s what I think anyways, and obviously my opinion is the only one that matters! I kid, I kid.

Anyways, just wanted to share some new/older photos of my new living headquarters!

20140131_192035 20140131_191903 20140131_190122

Day 1: Of course we did it up with bubblay!!

20140205_170808 20140205_170832 20130727_170208 20130331_153433


Kitchen creepin behind the pussy cruiser.


Roomies – Gigi, our morning bathroom bouncer.

So that’s me in a current nutshell, moving on up and out. Feels good to be progressing in love and life – I preach it so best believe I’m gon live it!

Have a wonderful week, bitches. XO.


Ah, 2014. Where does the time go? It’s like the more you try to hang on, the faster it slips through your hands. I’ve had such an amazing 2013. A year full of love, traveling, good eats, and a whole lot of inner struggling, but cot dayum was it divine! I’m so fortunate, I have so much – but each day I wake up wanting more, to do more for myself and others. Sometimes I feel like it’s greedy of me to ask for more, but fuck man.. ain’t nobody asking, girl be working hella hard!! You’d think as time goes on my fantasies and dreams would take a seat on the back burner but fo rill, I wake up hungrier each day.

2013 taught me how to live life, and live it well. To be honest, I don’t know what it means to be happy 24/7 anymore. When you go and grow through life, you see stuff, you build this attitude, you get stuff fed to you 24/7, you hear and see so much unfiltered stuff you forget what it is to be happy. But I think I found it, being happy isn’t about waking up each day with a smile and a puppies licking your face, it’s an honest day in and day out effort. But fo rills though I’m not trying to get side tracked, I think I found it, I think I found out how to live and love my life the most honest way I can.

I don’t know what the birds are singing but I’m not trying to be roses and rainbows every day. I just want to be honest with myself each day, like genuinely honest. If I want to be sad, I let myself be sad. Why deny myself the raw emotions I’m capable of having, why force feed myself happy quotes and lollipops when all my heart wants is a fuckin good ass cry. It sounds crazy but letting myself be me, whether it be ugly, pretty or damn sad – has made me the happiest person alive. You’d think this would come natural, but for me – time has built a tougher coating than I’d like. The world telling me to do this, the world telling me to do that. But 2013 gave me my life back, I felt like it gave me the tools to be a stronger and better me.
Here’s to never denying yourself any emotions your heart were meant to feel. Love on, baby.

Anyways this took me about 8 mins to write so give me a min to get my head out of the clouds and get back to it. 

But damn, it feels guuud layin it on these keys..




It totes breaks my heart when I see people are still checking out Vickyloves when I haven’t posted in like..a long time. Makes me feel like that terrible mother that promises her kid a trip to the playground but never really finds the time to take him. ugh, i die.

Another way to tell I havent logged in awhile? I friggin forgot my username and password. Like dude, who forgets that type of info? Considering ive been logging on almost erry cot dayum day for the last few years.

I hope you’re not mad, honestly – things came up and i couldn’t find the time to write! Are we okay, boo? Gosh, where the french toast does time go? But with that being said, even just writing this little post makes me itch to get back into the writing chair. I forgot how fun it was to talk about nothing and be rude in my own personal space on here. Anyways, i hope everyone is enjoying their summers – full of boobs, babes, boys and Beyonce (i just really, really love her).

Initially I logged on to write a “see ya later” post but now that we’re a few paragraphs in and the writing endorphins are released – dayum, dis shiz feel hella guuud.

So to sum up the summer in a run on sentence, i fall head over heels for my nephew everyday when we meet for our facetime chat, my beloved Tiger passed away due to old age (i think about him everyday, miss that guy), B and I are stronger than ever (we celebrated our 1 year a few weeks ago!), my sister is in town soon and i simply cannot wait, my body is as tanned as ever (love it), got my first Chanel bag (seriously, who am I?), my hair got hacked by 6 inches, started my online boutique (www.CHRISandOPHER.com – for those wondering, that’s me!), my boobs are a bit bigger (sadly, so is everywhere else on my body lol), and of course i turned 26 boo ya!!

i’m spending countless hours enjoying my summer with my boo, my babes, and my family. There are good days, and there are bad days, but when I step back to admire all I have – I say to myself, “dang, life is so good.”

Anyways, we’ll see how I feel a little later on in the summer – i might just  be back! I came back mostly to say hi, and see how everyone was doing – obvi i’ve been thinking about you too!!

Have a great rest of the summer errryone. Luuuuuuuh you.

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IG Etiquette.

Oh sweet baby corn Jesus I’ve been itching to do this for a while, and I even feel a little bad for the bash that’s about to commence, but to my better judgment – I say fuck it.

So as you folks may already know, I am a major Instagram addict. Not in the sense I spend 20 minutes picking out filters and editing my photo until I look like someone else, more so as in I can get lost in IG threads for hours. Puppy pictures, naked import girl photos, funny photos, DIY projects – the list goes on. That part of IG is great, it’s kind of what makes the app so amazing and humbling at the same time. And then there’s this dark part of IG that no one really speaks about – the douche-a-grams. These are the photos you like only because you feel obligated to, but deep down, you’re saying “what the fuck?”

-          Covered faces

IG 1
“Hanging with my friends doing cool things, isnt this photo so awesome!?!”

Is your girlfriend/boyfriend that ugly? Are some of your friends that terrible looking? Are these drug dealers? WHY.. people, why? Why do you take photos with people only to blur their faces out or better yet, put a cartoon on it and pretend that’s okay. To be honest, I assume all people with covered faces are drug dealers that don’t want others to know they’ve gone soft on IG. I said it, I don’t care.

-          Blurry photos of concerts / cool places / famous people you want others to know you’ve been a witness to.

You. Are. Too. Cool. NOT. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sick “wow” photo, but if your picture is blurry as my memory of last night then you best keep that to yourself. I’d rather you just upload a clearer image from the professional google image files. Save us the hassle of squinting.

-          Selfies with captions that say you’re doing something.

I’m actually a big fan of selfies (mostly due to the fact I take them myself and I’m not about to put myself on blast lol). but let’s call a spade a spade, a selfie is a selfie. It’s a beautiful picture you’ve taken of yourself. You’re gorgeous, you’re damn right you should share it. Selfies with captions like “girls night out or “doing homework,” or “enjoying the beautiful day out” – are not needed. It’s a selfie, we get it.

-          Stupid food photos. I know what a starbucks cup looks like, trust me I know. Ugh, and the prep photos of your week’s healthy meals. Who da faaaack cares. I mean, it’s great you’re on that health tip and taking care of yourself but if your quinoa and baked chicken isn’t bleeding leprechaun sprinkles please don’t. Show me pictures of food I can crave for!!!

-          Gifts/flowers/ from unknown senders/ people who post gift boxes without showing the gift itself. I find these are usually from people who seek more attention. And I hate these photos because being the nosy mother fucker that I am.. I want to know what you got at Chanel you cheap bastard!!!

-          Basic bitches trying to act like they’re the bizness.

IG 2

So lord knows I felt like I was black in my past life – from my superb taste in chocolate (both the cocoa, and the men), to my  preteen choices in rap/hip hop music to my love for all things southern related – that’s just me. But then all of a sudden these people who happened to know 4 trap songs started to feel like they were “about that life”. Calling themselves “ratchet,” going out and getting “turnt up” and saying all this weird shit – thinkin’ they all baaaaaad and shiet. Like seriously, don’t be chuckin up the deuces and callin yourself a bad bitch if you live at home with your mom and don’t pay rent. And for the record sweet cheeks, I’ve been to places like Miami during Carnival week, and LA for All Star Weekend – I know what a cot dayum rachet is and that’s not something you should aspire to be.

To be completely truthful, the list goes on lol – but the good really does outweigh the bad (or else I’d never be on it!!!). My concern with IG is the phoniness it’s gotten into. Basic bitches turning into super models and living well off of nothing. I don’t get it. Actually I do, basic bitches need parading, real ones don’t.

Let’s be real for a moment, our Instagrams aren’t the whole truth, far from it to be honest. We come here on this fake pedestal and brag about how much we’re doing, how well we’re doing and how important it all is. We somehow neglect to document the real parts – the ones not deemed appropriate for IG because it’s not perfect enough. The late nights, the work politics, the bad fights with your boyfriend, the terrible morning hair, the hours lost watching bad TV. No.. on IG, we’re all endlessly interesting and driven, philosophical dreamers living so well others want to be us. The lack of life direction, the unfulfilling relationship, the microwave dinner, the new designer bag with $0 in it are no place for Instagram, oh no .. oh no no. On IG, we’re doing everything right with the right people, all the fucking time.

The whole truth is IG is everyone’s personal orchestrated highlight reel. Don’t be confused or misled by all the empty “likes” – after the scene ends, everyone returns to their normal lives of pushing another day off the calendar, back to the trials and tribulations of that journey called life.

But with all that being said, IG has inspired me to eat better (thanks to all the amazing people that post healthy and delicious easy dinners!), it’s opened up business ideas, it’s gotten my brain churning which is the best  gift of all – it’s inspired a portion of my life to grow a bit. Growth is growth, I’ll take it any day. When it comes to my own IG, I personally love to document all the pretty in my life, especially things that give people a sneak peek of who I am. My love for good shoes, beautiful décor, my wonderful people and the happy moments. But when the batt is at 1% and my day is still young, I don’t give a fuck. Life goes on with or without an audience. Instagram is often made up of a bed of little white lies.

But if Instagram was telling the truth and nothing but, wouldn’t it just be showing us scrolling through our IG all day?